Day 5: Creative Parks in Taipei

This morning I changed hostels (only moved 1 street away, but in the Ximending market street) because I wanted to book this place but they didn’t have it for the days I wanted.

Today’s weather was quite sunny and it’s the first day I’m not using an umbrella! I even have my sunnies out!

For breakfast I went to this store located in Ximen which is always crowded. Luckily, I got there early so I just missed out on the long queue. The noodles and the soup were superb! I understand the queue now. Taiwanese people definitely know their food!

Afterwards, I headed to Huashan 1914 Creative Park to explore a bit. There were some nice artworks but I was a bit bored. I quickly headed to Qidong Street Japanese Houses where they truly caught my fancy. The architectural design and it’s history was very intriguing. I then caught a bus to Songshan Creative Park and they also had interesting stores ranging from artworks, toys, etc. Again, not really my style.

By this time I was feeling hungry, probably due to the endless food trucks and stores packing the streets. A lot of foods I want to try were packed with people and had no available space inside. Pay in mind it’s the lunch rush so office workers are all over the place! Anyways, I found a seat and got egg fried rice with pork. I also bought Yakult from a lock Family Mart. Yum!

Afterwards, I walked to Sun Yat-Sen Memorial – the exact place where I celebrated New Years. If was so different during the day and with no crowds. I saw the changing of the guards which occurs hourly for around 5mins. I applaud them for standing so still for an hour and performing the intense choreography 👏

Then, I decided to head to Dalongdong Temple to pray for 2020 and to find out my luck for the year. I also went for the Confucius Temple which was located opposite and learnt a lot about Confucius.

I realised they had a night market nearly called Dalong Street Market. It was smaller than Raohe but I didn’t mind it as I could breathe and walk leisurely! However, none of their foods truly appealed to me. And so, I headed to Ningxia Night Market which was also quite close via bus. Here, there was more variety and I got 牛肉炒面 Fried beef noodles.

I was so stuffed because I also had a sugar cane drink from the previous market. There were more foods I wanted to try but that has to be for next time, unfortunately. I think this is the downside of travelling solo… You can’t try a lot of things since no one is sharing lol.

Nevertheless, I still love travelling solo in Taiwan!