Day 3: Beitou & Fireworks

Good morning y’all! It’s currently 15 degrees Celsius in Taipei and I see everyone except me wearing down jackets and scarves. This is not cold. Seoul, I’m waiting for you to freeze me!

I’m currently on my way to Beitou for *drum roll* ONSEN! I miss going to hot springs and there is no way I’ll miss this opportunity. Going to Beitou doesn’t seem too difficult with the convenience of the MRT. I had to catch the Bannan train line to Taipei Main Station (1 stop from Ximending) then change to the red line heading towards Tamsui. Easy!

Forgot it was peak hour times so trains are packed. But luckily I found a seat heading towards Beitou 🙌 From Beitou you have to change to another train to Xin Beitou in order to go to the sightseeing places.

The weather was definitely a bit crazy with the winds and rain but I was able to go to the museum and the Hell Valley. The smell was mild and not as strong as Rotorua in NZ.

After the trek, I was hungry. Actually, I was hungry before the trek because I skipped breakfast at the hostel since majority was the same as yesterday. And so, I explored the town and settled on this small store that makes DUMPLINGS! I ordered 2 plates: prawns and pork, 10 dumplings each, 140NTD in total ($6-$7).

After that, I took a bus all the way to my next destination: Kawayu Spa. I researched slot prior to arriving to Taipei for the most affordable and appropriate onsen for myself.

The entry for a solo is 200NTD (no towel but shower cap). Couples are 400NTD for a bath house. If you want to eat at their restaurant, you get free spa entry if you spend 400NTD on food.

Since I just ate, and had no interest in eating, I only went for the spa option. Stayed there for about 2 hours because it was totally relaxing! Oh! And lockers are 20NTD, so prep two 10NTD coins 🙂

I emerged from the spa feeling refreshed and renewed with a difference of energy (can’t explain it). Would I go back? DAMN YES!


I am now having an early dinner near my hostel. I finally have a chance to have oyster omelette (good but a bot too oily) ! I even ordered 海鲜汤面 and it was what I needed. A clear but flavourful broth of seafood.

Taipei Main Station and my early dinner or late lunch

After filling up, I went back to my hostel (few steps away) to recharge myself and my phone and powerbank before tonight’s wild party! 🎊

I met new friends at this place called L Bar. Didn’t like their drinks til much but the company was amazing! Meeting people from all around the world is fab especially on the last day of 2020!

We drank, we shouted, we explored and ate food (Taiwan’s bakery KS amazing!). We even stocked up on more alcohol from 7-11 ND Family Mart in prep for the wait at Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall – serious great views of Taipei 101 and now that’s ticked off my checklist of things to see.


I love how they extended the MRT times to 24+ hours as you can see that we all needed it for the after-party! We were on our way to this club called the Triangle but I opted out in the middle of the journey because frankly I’m tired. I was running on less than 5 hours of sleep and my feet hurts.

I was disappointed, but when they texted me afterwards, I felt better because they opted out due to the cover charge of 600NTD! THATS PRICEY!