Day 1: Sydney to Taipei

I’m currently over 10 000m high in altitude and just finished a scrumptious late lunch on flight (potato and pork, plus weis ice cream!)Before my flight, I had phõ with my family in which our usual go to was a bit of a disappointment. Flavour is not the same 😦 Anyways, I am currently on my way to Taipei. I’m excited because although it’s my second time (does a layover count?) in the country, it is my first time exploring!

For some reason, I’m not that anxious about solo travelling – perhaps because I did it before? However, this time, I know no one! I do have some friends who are in Taipei currently, but they’re leaving soon. Will need to see if our plans can collide…I’m travelling with China Airlines again because I had a good first experience with them earlier this year. Flight is smooth, air hostesses are accommodating and the toilet facilities are clean!


Definitely smooth! I was able to take a restful nap after taking my mask off for a few hours. Even though there’s a lot of kids on this flight, it wasn’t too bad. I wonder if it’s because one of my friends already have a child so my views towards them has changed 🧐I take it back. Whiny children while you’re trying to nap again is the worst lol


I’m currently at my accommodation. Boy was it an adventure. Let me recount:

Plane arrived at Taoyuan Terminal 1 at 8:10pm. They told us to head to Terminal 2 via skytrain. No problem because it was fast. As soon as we got off the skytrain and before immigration, there were two stores: Bank of China and Chunghwa Telecom. Immediately I went to queue up for the sim card because I thought it would be quick since I purchased it online already. I was wrong. 40+ mins later, she told me that I have to go to Floor 1 (past immigration) to collect the sim as even though it’s the correct store, they can’t scan my voucher.


Nothing else I could do and so I went through immigration (after exchanging money). Also took a fucking while and by the time I collected my luggage and went to the store at 10:08pm, it was closed. They closed at 10pm. One of the shop assistant from the next store told me Terminal 1 has this exact store and it closes at midnight.

So I went downstairs to catch the metro to Terminal 1 after buying my easycard (easy process finally!)

BUT GUESS THE FUCKING WHAT?! IT WAS CLOSED! I was frustrated, tired and annoyed. The door even had a huge sign saying it closes at midnight. Why so early?!

I couldn’t be fucked anymore so I just continued my way to my accommodation because I need to make it there by midnight to check in. Being in a foreign city with no data is a bitch but I’m so thankful Taiwan metro has free Wi-Fi.

I love the layout of my hostel! And they have lots of jugs filled with juices, tea and cold filtered water!

I made it safely thanks to the help of local passerbys. They’re so helpful! It’s these people that make it better.

I honestly didn’t want to end my first day on a bad note, but I can say… I’m thankful I have a comfortable bed to sleep in now.

Peace out ✌

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