Albee’s Secret Recipe @ Carlingford

This place actually took over our favourite restaurant (in which I’m still disappointed about) which was a huge surprise. The restaurant was very popular and we had no idea why they would sell it.

Anyways, driving past Albee we always see lengthy queues and was always curious about their food. While there are good places to go to for Malaysian cuisine in Sydney, Albee, I daresay, beats them.

The overall decor reminds me nostalgically reminds me of the street art in Georgetown, Penang – which is a fond memory of mine. I even like the seating arrangement as it seems like we are a huge family even though we’re strangers to others. We had good conversation to pass the time and was surprised to find out our neighbours were from Port Macquarie and it was not their first time here!

Belacan Kangkong $19.8

I was glad the dishes didn’t take too long to come out as I was worried since it was a full house.

Laksa $11

I honestly can’t fault the nasi lemak. It was more than enough for me and I loved every single component! If I have to choose one thing from this plate, it has to be the sambal chilli.

Nasi Lemak with Rendang Beef $18

This is officially my number 1 place to go for Malaysian cuisine in Sydney!