Kinn Niyom Dining and Bar @ Castle Towers

It was my first time dining here since its renovation last year. While it boasts a new ambience and fresh decor, the food is basically the same. I was surprised we were able to be seated as soon as we arrived. Honestly, such luck on a Saturday night! Perhaps its due to the fact we were only 2 patrons.

My friend comes here every week and knows the best food to order. Even though she was here the night before, she didn’t mind coming again (shows how much she loves the food here!). And so, I told her to order whatever is good since she’s the expert here.

Crispy Pork Belly with cucumber relish $24

We started off our night with an entree she recommended. I love how crispy the pork belly skin was and the tenderness of the pork belly. It goes extremely well with the relish which offered a refreshing aftertaste. I just wished it wasn’t pricy.

Tom Yum Prawn $18

After having a disappointing experience at my school’s local Thai restaurant with tom yum soup, I was so thankful to have tasted this! I love the juicy prawns with the tangy soup. It was a tad spicy which was perfect!

Chicken Pad Thai $17.5

What can go wrong with pad thai? Nothing. I love pad thai and this dish was no exception. Rich flavours, smooth texture of the noodles and crunchiness of the sprinkled peanuts. It was good that they put the peanuts on the side as my friend dislikes having peanuts with her pad thai, but me? Oh I love it!

We also ordered drinks and one of them was this Thai lemon milk tea (located just under Thai milk tea on their drinks menu)? Sadly, I forgot the name and they don’t have it on their website. Basically, don’t get it. It’s an acquired taste and definitely one I wouldn’t order again.

Besides the drink, the food was awesome!

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