Friday Fever

I’ve been on a high today because its the LAST DAY OF SCHOOL! I’ve been waiting for this day and can’t believe it’s finally here. This last week of school has been quite full on. In fact, busy is an understatement as we had Year 12 graduation, Year 11 exams, helping students clear their N-Awards, receiving news that one of my friend is leaving, prepping presents (with the students) for that friend, ensuring everything for Term 4 is ready, publishing the school’s newspaper, organising desk, my cup dropped and shattered, saying goodbye to other colleagues who are also leaving, preparing budgets for next year, creating shopping lists for next year’s stationary and other paperwork.

It’s no wonder I arrived back home tired everyday the past week. I didn’t even have a lot of free periods this week since I’m on nearly every single period! Hence, my relief that it is now holidays. I need to date. I need to have fun. I need out!

My social calendar is up and ready, and I’m ensuring that I will have time to finish reading a book I’m determined to complete before the end of holidays. Holidays, bring it on!

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