Seoul Project

Located in a side street opposite Event Cinemas on George St, Seoul Project is quite easy to spot. It was a busy period since its the dinner rush but luckily we reserved a table earlier.

I love how there are images within the menu to help us with our choices because there were a lot of options! And its hard for me to make decisions (for food) when I’m alone because I want to try everything but there’s only one me.

Hence, I love going to foodie places with other people because then there’s more for me to try!

Kimchi Fried Rice with cheese $17

This fried rice was amazingly good with cheese! Its fattening. But good! Why do all good foods have to be bad for our health if we have too much? I love cheese so much and whenever I add it to my ramen or rice at home…I get looks and comments from my family 😭

But who cares! My body. I can eat whatever I want! And if I want delicious, mouth-watering food. Then so be it!

Even the chicken was coated heavily with the sweet sauce but it was superbly tender on the inside! We also ordered another round of chicken, this time boneless, and it was insanely delicious as well!!!!!!

Whole Chicken

Seoul Project Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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