Motto Motto Japanese Kitchen @MQ

Motto Motto reminds me of fast-food chains in Japan due to its speedy service. It will only replicate Japan’s fast-food chains once they start having hangers and storage to put our bags and coats (I wonder when Australia will adopt that because I truly like that idea).

Anyways, I like their overall contemporary design from the spacious tables down to their bowls and cutleries. Motto Motto brings about a lot of various options for us to choose from and trust me, I had a hard time.

Luckily my friend was there to help me make a decision quickly. My eyes were drawn to two things: curry and udon. But in fact, we found out I was leaning more towards the chicken and so, I ordered the chicken curry.

Chicken Karaage Curry $14.9

I like that they separated the curry from the chicken and rice for me because I was able to have my chicken two ways: dipped or poured. After the dipping phrase, I gave in and poured the entire curry sauce into the bowl.

They provided quite a bit of white rice and to cut through the curry, we had cucumbers and pickled ginger (which had a great aftertaste).

We also got seaweed fries and gyoza which was also scrumptious. I would not say I’m a big fan of shoestring fries but these ones were not bad. I should’ve bought green tea ice-cream to go with it because ice-cream+fries=<3

I would come back. There’s still more I haven’t tried. And now with the new metro, its way easier for me to come here.

Motto Motto Japanese Kitchen Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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