[Recap] 请赐我一双翅膀 Please give me a pair of wings: Ep 1

The episode begins with a group of girls being escorted to a prison. Amongst them is our main protagonist Lin Jiuge. The new prisoners soon get settled in but not before changing to a white uniform and giving their jewellery to the prison head. Then they are brought to a cage whereby they’re washed down with a hose while one prison guard looks at Jiuge in shock.

After their shower, the girls change to the prison uniforms and told to remember their identity no., and daily routine. Jiuge’s no. is 8963. She has already caught the attention of the other prisoners as rumours have come about her murdering her father who was a Police Commissioner.

Jiuge gets escorted to her own solitary cell.Screen Shot 2019-07-16 at 9.01.15 pm.png

Next, we get a scene of a ship and a text saying “3 days ago”. Inside, we see wealthy people gambling and enjoying the luxuries of life, with Jiuge being one of them. She bets her engagement ring to play a game of cards with Xiao Linfeng, a talented con artist who will soon be a Police Warden at her prison. Jiuge wins the game, surprising Linfeng who gives up his ruby ring as a bet.

He then eyes an expensive necklace off a woman’s neck and proceeds to lure her away from the table, probably to get it using one of his tricks.

Then, Jiuge leaves with her fiancé, Leng Mengchu, who tries to appease her because she thought he was going to gamble his promise ring prior to her arriving. They make up and he tells her, “I won’t be able to live if I’m not with you.” The ship’s horn sounds telling them that they are arriving soon. Jiuge seems apprehensive, telling Mengchu that her father doesn’t know about their engagement yet and is probably angry with her.

The ship arrives at port but then everyone was ordered to not leave the ship. This sparks alarm but the captain explains that one of the lady’s precious necklace has been stolen. Each and every one of the patrons had to be searched and Jiuge tells Linfeng she suspects him since he left with her. Linfeng tells her that she’s wrong and when it was her turn, the policemen found the necklace in her bag.

Long Tianyu, Captain of the police detective, arrives and questions Jiuge how she has the necklace. Jiuge brings Linfeng into the situation but Tianyu arrests Jiuge and brings her to the station.

We then got Linfeng’s flashback on how he got the necklace and framed Jiuge in the process.
Meanwhile, Mengchu’s family arrive worried since he’s in the police station. They get involved and uses their power to try to save Mengchu. In the midst of this, Mengchu tells them that Jiuge is definitely innocent especially since she’s the daughter of the Police Commissioner.

Hearing this, they bring Jiuge’s father here who realised her daughter has been engaged with his knowledge. Jiuge’s father clears up the matter and get told that she is innocent. He takes her home, ignoring Mengchu.

The father personally cooks Jiuge a meal and they happily catch up, clearing their misunderstandings. She brings up Mengchu and tells him how he treats her so well. But the father doesn’t feel comfortable talking about him, “Eat then we will talk”.

Mengchu’s father and older sister soon visits them in regards to the engagement news. Jiuge’s father tells them that he is definitely opposed to the marriage, “I will never agree to it”. We get a sense that Jiuge’s father is not happy with the family but he does not say it aloud.

Later, Jiuge confronts her father about his opposition and brings up her feelings from young, “Since young you’ve looked after me like a prisoner…Do you really consider me your daughter or do you think I’m a criminal in your heart?”. (because her biological father was a criminal). The father becomes flabbergasted, “I never thought in all these years you’ve held so much resentment towards me”. He then tries consoles her and tells her that he considers her as his own biological daughter. But she doesn’t believe him saying how she’s like a criminal with no freedom.

He replies, “Everything I do was for your own good”. Then thunders sounds and immediately Jiuge says she hates him before running out of the house. She stares at a lake and we notice Tianyu at the background. Then a drunkard goes towards her and she pushes him off the lake in defence. Tianyu goes to help her with the situation.

Then, she questions “Why are you following me?” In response, he tells her that he was still thinking of her words from the station saying she was framed by Linfeng. He asks her if she knows anything about Linfeng but they were literally strangers. She tells him that he dressed like a wealthy person but his ring was fake, and hands were rough. She then leaves the scene.

Next, we see Jiuge’s father digging something as he reflects on Jiuge’s earlier words towards him.

Back at the Leng’s house, Mengchu’s older sister tells Mengchu how Jiuge’s father’s attitude towards them doesn’t make sense. Then, Leng’s butler comes in to tell them that Lin’s family sent something to them. We see that it is the same jar Jiuge’s father dug up earlier.
This means Jiuge’s father approves of Mengchu since that jar is a kind of Chinese wine that has been buried since the birth of Jiuge (as tradition, this jar of wine will be sent to the daughter’s fiancé’s family).

Jiuge walks along the main road when thunder sounds again. She then remembers the first time she met her father who promised to be like her biological father. Seems like she regrets saying those harsh words to her father and immediately runs home.

She arrives home to find it dark and eerie. She calls out for her father and then suddenly hears a loud gunshot. She runs into the room and finds her father lying on the ground…dead. Then, we see her fall down on the ground next to her father, possibly the murderer hit her on her head.

Afterwards, she wakes up to find a man pointing a gun straight towards her. That man is Long Tianyu. She tries to get her bearing and finds herself clutching a gun in her hand. She sees her father’s dead body next to her. She is still in shock about his death and can’t believe he’s no longer here with her. But she gets arrested since she’s the prime suspect.



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