Before we get married 我们不能是朋友 – 2019 Taiwanese drama

This drama is another one I’m addicted to these days. It stars Puff Guo (from Dream Girls – they’ve disbanded now) and Jasper Liu. One thing I need to get off my chest is the title. The official English title “Before we get married” and Chinese title 《我们不能是朋友》has no connection whatsoever!

《我们不能是朋友》literally means “we can’t be friends”…so I have no idea how the official English title got its bearings but I’m a bit annoyed at that.

Besides the obvious mistranslation, the storyline intrigued me. Its about a mature relationship between two people who were already in a relationship (well…the main guy’s doesn’t count since his gf was purposely clinging onto him). And like all dramas go, these two will get together but not before going through some obstacles.

These obstacles includes friends, family, co-workers and even their own selves. While the storyline might be predictable, the chemistry and acting are quite believable.

I enjoy watching this drama and look forward to it every Friday. Sadly, they only release one ep a week and there is only 13 episodes altogether. Quite short for a drama considering a lot of dramas I watch is usually at least 16 eps long. But this means I don’t have to suffer too long between cliffhangers 🙂

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