Bavarian Bier Cafe @ Castle Hill

Our dinner was a mix of various appetisers and sides, as well as beer and shots lol. To be honest, we started our night late and drank before coming here and needed something to fill our stomachs but not too heavy. It was a weird mix but who cares. We made fun of it and even the waiter joined in lol.

Honestly, I only had room for dessert but somehow, I had room for all those foods on the table.

Haus Made Apple Strudel $10.5

Apple strudels are never the thing of the past especially when ice cream is involved. The warmness of the filling complements the coolness of the ice cream. The almonds which garnishes the meal also added a nice texture of crunchiness.

Side of Mashed Potato $7

One thing I was so thankful for hanging out with these girls was that they love mash too!!!!!! I was so ecstatic when one of them suggested “Let’s get mash!” WOOHOO! Definitely hanging out with the best people! Mash is always good and goes well with ANYTHING!

Mac & Cheese Balls $10.5

Besides, I popped my cherry that night because I never had mac and cheese balls! It was damn good. One thing I will definitely reorder again when I get back. I can’t believe I missed out on this! Who cares about salt and pepper squid and chips…these balls are the best and there needs to be more.

Giant Pretzel $11

Giant pretzels are also a crowd favourite and having them with butter and pickles just sealed the deal with me.


Chicken Tenders $6

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