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Just because I haven’t been posting much these days doesn’t mean I’ve stopped watching dramas. I’m currently obsessed with this current Korean drama 검색어를 입력하세요: WWW and I even got my colleagues hooked on it as well *so proud

It deals with realistic events that occur in our daily lives – but we just don’t notice it or are very aware with its implications. Living in this century, our fingers are prone to typing on keyboards or tapping on our smart phones without hesitation because this is the world we live in now. We type whatever we want to type and as anonymous netizens we don’t get the ramifications unlike celebrities and well-known people.

The plot of this drama deals with this issue through our protagonist Bae Ta-Mi (Lim Soo Jung) who works for a huge web portal company. I like that they don’t make her a twenty-year old but a mature-aged character in her late 30s. She’s not married and she has a very successful career. We see how her career pans out when she faces obstacles in her career.

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Furthermore, we have our main male lead Park Mo-Gun (Chang Ki-Yong) who is a man in his 20s and is also doing well in her career. Both these characters meet and of course, they’re our OTP. However, despite the love lines, I like how the writer does not make it the main focus in this drama.

Female power is dominating its theme! It shows these women fighting against prejudice and discrimination!  I’m totally loving the message that is being sent in this drama! Trust me, the first episode will get you HOOKED! ❤

Plus, you need to check out the OSTs!

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