My inner masterchef


The past few weeks have seen myself shopping excitingly for more food to decorate my fridge. Not only that, my hands have been happily taken charge of prepping my 3 meals a day in the kitchen. I never used to spend most of my afternoon and evenings in the kitchen cooking as I’m usually holed up in my room whenever I’m home. But, being in the kitchen and cooking has been an adventure. An exciting one at that.

I enjoy thinking of what meals I should make for myself in the car and the other day, I suddenly thought of kimchi jiggae while I was talking to my colleague. We excitingly searched up the ingredients needed and surprisingly, I had most of them except tofu and pork belly (which I proceeded to buy from the supermarket straight after work). That night, it was a challenge because it was my first time making a soup dish from scratch, and a korean one at that! I did not want to fail.

Kimchi Jiggae

Well, did I fail? Thank goodness no! It was a bloody success and this was confirmed by my colleagues the next day when I brought it to them for their lunch ✌️ Who the heck said I can’t survive by my own?! (eyeing parents and brother.) I’m damn good HAHA!

Breakfast Wrap with my fave camembert 😍 And yes, I use the packaging as my plate to save time on dishes

Besides this fabulous kimchi jiggae, I’m so proud to say that I have not had any instant food as of yet! I’ve been creating most of my meals from scratch despite the that one packet curry (which I wouldn’t recommend) and frozen chicken kievs (I do recommend) from the supermarket.

Korean pancake with kimchi

I find myself slowly eating less and getting into a bit of intermittent fasting as I’ve been having early dinners and late breakfast. This is good because I’m doing it unconsciously and hopefully this will continue till the end of the year *fingers cross!

Besides, I love that I get to eat what I want with no one judging me! I mean…I had steak 3 times this week (goes so well with kimchi) and I don’t need to hear someone in the background saying “oh, you just had this the other day blah blah blah blah blah”. I’m kidding. But seriously, it was nice.

Fried Rice

I’ve also gotten into a habit to make breakfast smoothies (almond milk, rolled oats, flaxseed, chia seeds, frozen berries, ginger, spinach and sometimes avocado – if I’m bothered to cut it) everyday for work which fills me up in the morning. Its quite convenient because I hate eating so early in the morning and by the time I get to work (around 8am) or even at recess time (11am), its perfect for me to drink on the go. If I get lazy with the smoothies, I have fruits instead, usually strawberries, kiwis and grapes. I just bought mandarins today so might add that to the mix for tomorrow 🙂

Although I bulk prepare my veggies (roast sweet potatoes, carrots, onions, capsicums, etc.), my lunch menu differs every day and I definitely enjoy the variety. The only thing that concerns me is the cost. I need to perhaps this weekend just sit down and decide whether I’m overspending on food as well as working out a budget for it; I do need to save up money for emergency and travel hehe.

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