The power of tequila

Never thought I would be the type to say that alcohol really does enhance one’s skill but it magically did that day lol.

On Saturday night, I went out with the girls and we had so much fun in our local area. I never drank locally before because I usually go to the city. However, now that I know there are some swanky bars around here, I don’t think I would like to travel too far now haha. JKS. I like the hour bus ride home to sober up.

Anyways, we had a few drinks at this place called The Crooked Tailor – quite a popular choice and one of the drinks I would definitely recommend is called ‘The Burning Man’. I have to say, the cocktails are quite pricy here but it was good.

By then, we were hungry and headed off to The Bavarian for food. I seriously love how everything is walking distance – Castle Hill is definitely an amazing place! So proud of my area lol! We were lucky again to be given a table on a Saturday night with no reservations and I think we ‘scared’ the waiter by our weird orders lol. That isn’t to say that we didn’t order any drinks then because we did and I think he accidentally mixed up the sizing of one of our beers – who cares!

Afterwards, we headed to Strike for a game of bowling and the shoes are so cute! I was super super surprised at myself for being able to bowl straight! And without bumpers! Is this possible?! I often hit the bumpers whenever I bowl but I bowled well. Wow.
Has to be the power of tequila because we also had a few rounds of that. 😂

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