The Fiddler @ Rouse Hill

Naked Double Cheese Burger $19 with sweet potato chips

This is not my first post on this place and I’ve been an avid regular here. Easy to guess why. it’s because this place serves delicious foods and I always have a great time here!

This time, we celebrated Mother’s Day at The Fiddler and even though we didn’t think if reserving a table, we were so lucky to have gotten one as soon as we arrived! If we arrived a tad later, we would’ve been stuck sitting on the high chairs at the bars lol.

Our meals took a while to arrive but it was fine since we know it was a very busy day and they were definitely packed with orders.

I was thankful I had my beer to keep me company haha! JKS.

Anyways, our favourite spicy chicken wings was a blast as usual and its no wonder this dish is our regular order! The flavours was on point and they even have 1/2 kg as an alternative if 1kg is too much! With 1kg you get to choose 2 dipping sauces and we got blue cheese and hot tornado (definitely lives up to its name!)

The veal schnitzel was a bit oily but the only reason why I chose this dish because MASH WAS CALLING!!!! I love mash and I recently found out that one of my colleague loves mash too (we’ve been calling each other mash ever since!). The mash at Fiddler is creamy and buttery – just my style! Theres also mushroom gravy which went very well with it! Of course, the highlight of this dish was the mash!

Veal Schnitzel $28
1kg Spicy Chicken Wings $24




Salmon $29

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