Weddings 👰

I attended a wedding on May 4th (didn’t realise the pun until my friends mentioned it lol) and the whole day was utterly blissful. There’s something about seeing two people who are in love tying the knot in front of their closest friends and families and you can’t help but smile. Definitely a joyous occasion and I was so honoured to be invited to celebrate this day with them. I’m happy for them.

It was truly a memorable day and my friend, the bride, of course was still her same self and made us crack up so often. I love that. It was also an opportune time for all of our uni classmates to catch up since most of us have graduated and ventured out into the real world.

Even though the whole day was full of laughter, there were also some tears of joy and sweetness especially when my friend’s father made his speech. Honestly touched my heart.

And who can forget that dance party at the end? Definitely a great moment for everyone to let loose and end the night with a dance off! I’m also especially proud of myself to be dancing in heels and my feet are still alive! WOOHOO!

I wonder who’s the next one of our group to get hitched haha 😉


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