Tawandang @ Haymarket, CBD

Thai Ice Black Tea

Thai food in essence is amazing. I love all of their dishes even though majority of their dishes are quite spicy. I love the sourness of tom yum soup and have yet to find one in Australia that serves it authentically as the one I’ve had in Thailand.

Anyways, this place is situated along George St and is quite popular. I’ve never been but I’ve always wanted to try (as with a lot of other places) because I have heard good reviews about it. And with that being said, lets begin my honest review.

The drinks were refreshing although I ordered an iced lemon tea, however, they apparently ran out. And so, I got the black tea.

Then came our entrees in which we got fish and prawn cakes. The fish cakes was average but we thoroughly enjoyed the crispy texture of the prawn cakes – so, we ordered more! The sauce that went with the cakes were a bit too sweet for my liking and honestly, I enjoyed the prawn cakes by themselves.

Prawn and Fish cakes
Prawn Cakes $12.5








Next, we have the two soups: tom yum and pork spare ribs. This was my first time having their pork spare ribs soup and it was scrumptious! The succulent taste of the tender ribs was by far the best of the two soups I had that day. The tom yum was sadly disappointing because there was no sourness…but saltiness. I didn’t enjoy it sadly.

Tom Yum Goong $19.2
Soup with Pork Spare Ribs $18.5







Next, the papaya salad. This was interesting because the ingredients were sectioned separately and we had to mix it ourselves. I enjoyed it very much and honestly, I had the egg with my curry lol.

And that was because the green curry was damn spicy, but also sweet! I was surprised that I could handle the spiciness and nearly finished the whole curry because it was truly spicy. But thank goodness for the rice.

Spicy Thai Style Salad $23.5
Green Curry with chicken $15.9








We also had other dishes but they were all also too sweet for our liking. The pork slices were good though especially when dipped with their spicy sauce.

Pad See Ew with chicken
Basil Minced chicken


So, would I come back again? Probably not. I’m not a huge fan of Thai food here in Sydney because there’s too much sweetness. At least I now know how the food in Tawandang tastes 🙂

Tawandang Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato



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