Stanton Cafe @ Castle Towers

This place was recently renovated and it’s always filled with patrons. Honestly, I didn’t care to eat here before because of its location – feels weird to eat in the middle of the aisle when shoppers are just walking past you.

But after the renovation, I just became curious. Why is it always so packed with people? Perhaps I don’t need to be embarrassed.

And so, that day just happened to be the place we both decided to try because

1. It was close to where we met up at and
2. Curiosity.

The service was quick and we were seated at our tables. We were given quite a decent amount of time to peruse through the menu in the midst of our conversation. Even though there were a lot of choices, one thing that stood out to me was pancakes!

Buttermilk Pancakes with fruit and vanilla ice-cream

So glad I ordered it because the visual was absolutely stunning! I love how there’s plenty of strawberries because I love this fruit so goddamn much! Plus, you can never fault vanilla ice-cream 🙂

However, while eating this…I did feel a bit sick because there was an awful lot of maple syrup which just soaked the pancakes. Might have been a bit too much chef.



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