[Recap] If I Can Love You So 如果可以这样爱: Ep 1

Image result for 如果可以这样爱The scene begins with our main gal (Liu Shi Shi) plunging herself into deep water as she reflects on her life with the person she loves. Then we move to the present time where Bai Kao’er (Liu Shi Shi) has just finished her radio broadcasting for the day.

Our main dude, Geng Mochi, is a pianist and has just arrived at the concert hall to perform for his fans. He gets ready backstage while Bai Kao’er arrives at the venue with her friend for the piano concert. She calls her husband but he doesn’t pick up…we see him alone in a car with another woman.

Back to her husband, this time the woman’s husband (Geng Mochi) gets a phone call but she also doesn’t pick up. We then see them drive off the cliff while Geng Mochi plays his piano sorrowfully. His concert finally ends and Geng Mochi tells his assistant that he felt a bit weird during the last performance, and is anxious that something has happened to his wife.

The car gets found but unfortunately, the people inside it have already passed away. Then, we see both the dead’s spouses in the hospital , unable to believe what they have heard and that they are both dead.

Later, we can see that Bai Kao’er is still depressed from her husband’s death and news of his cheating. To make matters worse, her mother-in-law wants to kick her out and the lawyer advises her to find the house certificate to see if her name is on it. Bai Kao’er goes around her house to find it but instead finds unknown medicine containers. She goes to find a doctor to explain the purpose, only to find out that her husband hasn’t told her about his serious illness for around 10 years now. Her friends try to comfort her but she is still is despair, especially with the fact that she is about to be homeless.

Meanwhile, another guy receives news of the death and decides to return back to China. Seems like he is regret at not seeing his loved one’s last moment.

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