I’m thinking of going somewhere again…

Still living in my early 20s, there is still so much for me to experience and see!

I’ve been lucky to have travelled since young (though many has been to the same country), I enjoyed going on flights and flying in the air, not the food though.

After travelling fully solo to Japan for the first time, my inner desire to visit other places around the world has emerged. I’m thinking that instead of going on smaller trips within the school term (as we’re given 2 weeks), I want to save up for a huge end of year/New Year trip for at least 3 weeks again! It was fun celebrating New Years at a foreign place, and especially with new friends.

For my next trip, I have thought about places including Finland, Norway, Austria and even travelling around Asia visiting Japan again, and including Korea and Taiwan as well. However, I need to make a decision about which side of the world I’m going to and whether I’m ok to travel solo again.

It was fun the first time and I loved meeting new faces and forming new relationships. I still keep in touch with some people I met from Japan (which is amazing!).

Its a hard decision and this time, I’m trying to not to do it last minute and want to book all flights at least 6 months prior. I will probably use this upcoming holiday to research and decide on where my heart wants me to go haha 加油!


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