Living alone?

You know, in all my 23years of living, I still have not experienced living alone yet. But this will soon change as I’m about to begin the next step of my life – moving out!

I don’t know how long this will last but I’m confident in myself that I can do this. However, it is a tad scary. The things you head from the news as well as from my own mother….they might be enough to put me off from moving out but I’m determined to do this for myself. It’s definitely time.

Main thing I have to worry about is my finances. I will need to budget hard and I’m worried that my future travel plans will be put on hold. I’m currently thinking about travelling to Shanghai to meet my friend but I’m worried about my current finance. Yes, I do have a full-time job but there’s also bills to think about for the house, council, car, etc.

So much to consider when I haven’t even lived out my life yet. But I’m seriously excited because I’m considering this an adventure. Wish me luck!

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