Kiji Okonomiyaki @ Tokyo

You don’t know how I have longed to try their okonomiyaki and I finally have the opportunity to eat it! I have tried not once, but two times in Osaka – failed. Hence, Tokyo was a golden opportunity.

I was lucky to gain a seat along the bar whereby the chefs were cooking right in front of me!

Another thing I love about Japan is how they make everything convenient for patrons. As its winter, we’re always wearing bulky coats and have bags to carry. The seat I was given had storage space for everything when I opened the seat cover lid. I was thankful for that because I can eat without worrying about sullying my new pink coat and I have freedom of movement basically.

Its not only in this restaurant, but other places will even provide coat hangers! I truly miss this experience.


Anyways, back to the food. The modan-yaki was FANTABULOUS! I loved how they were able to put both yakisoba and okonomiyaki together. This was more than enough for myself and I took my own sweet time to savour each bite. The crispiness of the yakisoba at the bottom was one of my favourite parts of this dish.

No wonder people queue up for this place!

mojito failed though

However, while Kiji is definitely well known for its okonomiyaki, I wouldn’t come here for their cocktails. The mojito…was there even alcohol? I kid. There was, but only a tad bit. Too sweet for me though as it reminds me of lemonade for some reason.



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