Day 21: the end is approaching

Another relaxing morning as I got ready to leave Sendai. I’m going to miss my friend so much as we don’t know when the next time we will see each other again since she is going to be here for a while..

But we are just going to focus on the present and accept that we will see each other when the time comes 🙂 We definitely will see each other again.

Tonkatsu and Egg Don 1250Y

My last meal in Sendai was a delicious tonkatsu meal. I thought thay would be the star but oh no… The cabbage was! Can you believe that the cabbage has free refills?! FTW! But it was good when you add their cabbage sauce MMMMMMH!

On a side note: my eyebrows need shaping because they’re becoming so messy! I forgot to bring scissors to trim it…

Tokyo -> Osaka

Of course I could not skip out on my last ever ekiben on my final shinkansen ride back to Osaka. Plus, it was nice to be greeted by Mt Fuji on a somewhat sunny day. Spectacular view and it’s a full moon today.

You’ve served me well

I also just realised that today is the final day my JR pass will be used. I definitely made full use of it and have no regrets. Served me well and you will be missed!

Anyways, I’m currently staying in Fukushima which is just one stop away from Osaka Station. I chose this place becausd it will be easy for me to get around especially to the Kansai Airport when I go back to Sydney soon.

Night stroll around Fukushima

After my soothing soak in the onsen, I got ready to go out and… Eat! Surprising (but then again, not surprisingly) there were a lot of choices. I like how there were food tucked away in alleys and it feels safe to walk through them. I went on a light stroll before settling down in this place which is a bit of ramen and bar. Of course, I had to drink to celebrate my first night in Osaka again and I felt like one after the onsen. The curry udon was super warm and hearty. They added something in which I know what it is but don’t know his exact name. It has a distinguishable taste which is addicting.

I was so proud of myself because this place doesn’t have any English menu, but the pictures helped and I had Google Translate to help choose my drink. I ordered umeshu and could understand what they were saying to me in Japanese when they asked me for soda or rocks.

Truly a proud moment 🙂

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