Day 20: Matsushima

Last night was epic! We had a fun games night and I got to meet so many new friends. I even experienced the kotatsu for the first time!

Can I get a kotatsu in Aus?

Anyways, my morning started off very well as I got to get up leisurely and take my own sweet time getting ready. I had my go-to tuna onigiri from my fave Family Mart and I’m so happy.

It took about 40mins to get to Matsushima from Sendai Station which isn’t all that long.

On my way to Matsushima

When we arrived, we admired the food stalls selling oysters, beef tongues, meat and squid on skewers! But first, we had to have the curry and oyster fried bun (300Y) which was 😋!

Luckily there wasn’t a queue so we didn’t have to wait too long as I heard it usually gets quite busy. Afterwards,
we headed into Zuiganji Temple. This temple was another zen temple which required a 700Y admission fee. It was totally worth it as you get to go inside the temple as well as an exhibition! (can’t take photos inside though.)


After the temple, we went over to the Fukuurabashi Bridge. This was picturesque and it leads to another island in which you can view other islands in that bay!

Fukuurabashi Bridge 200Y

We even saw the sunset! So glad the day was nice and sunny. Great day.

But the day is not finished without food! I was starving because I didn’t get to have lunch and so we headed to this quaint restaurant (which I suspect was owned by an old married couple). They were so adorable and the meals were exquisite! Very affordable and delicious!

The oysters were so plump and juicy! So worth it! And those side dishes…addictive!

Oyster set meal 1400Y

My night didn’t end there as we’re still drinking but I’m going to end the post here 🙂

Back to Osaka tomorrow before heading back to Sydney 😦 Time flies too quickly!

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