Day 19: officially arrived in Sendai

Guys.. I braved through the snow and made it to the station with my luggage! The hostel tried to call for a taxi for me but it seems like all the taxis have been booked. It was funny how they all wished me luck because they said the snow was bad today. However, I found it easier to lug my luggage through the snow as I didn’t have to carry it this time. 💁

Snow on my luggage, snow on my shoes, snow everywhere!

I’m amazed at how the weather can change so drastically when it’s only an hour apart in distance by train.

The lack of snow one hour into my train ride

I lie. Snow still exists in the south 😂

I’m going to miss this

As you can see, I didn’t starve on this trip. I didn’t but any ekibens this time round because the one I wanted was sold out and the others didn’t pique my interest. I decided to try their sandwiches and they were godly amazing! Loved their katsu sandwich as well as their chicken teriyaki and egg sandwich!


When I arrived at Sendai, I was greeted by my beautiful friend 😍 even though we saw each other last week, it was exciting to see her again! This time, I’m staying at her place for two nights to catch up and for her to take me around her city. I can’t wait! She already bought me to this yummy ramen place. However, I prefer the gyozas from Utsunomiya 😂

Ramen + gyoza + rice set 872Y

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