Day 16: Off to ❄

I’m heading north! This is going to be another highlight of my incredible trip in Japan! I was so excited booking the accommodation because it’s in Sapporo!!!!!! I can finally experience real snow in winter!

I began my morning by getting myself warm and ready for the trip. But before I checked out, I headed to Family Mart to buy survival food. Utsunomiya station doesn’t sell ekibens (they probably do) or I’m blind and can’t find them. And so, I bought this whole spread to last for breakfast and lunch. I was hoping that perhaps I can buy an ekiben from Sendai because Sendai to Sapporo is a trek!

Family Mart goodness 683Y

Sendai of course has ekibens and I had to get one. It costed me 1150Y and it was so satisfying. I was surprised to find chicken in it and there was even mochi!!! Sendai is known for their beef tongues and this ekiben has one. It tastes alright but when I go to Sendai in a few days, my friend will definitely take me to a better place 🙂

Also, the view outside my window is amazing and I’m so happy to see snow!

Sendai -> Sapporo

It gets dark quite early and when I arrived in Sapporo… I never realised how difficult the snow can be. Imagine lugging a 20kg luggage with a backpack but instead of pulling it, you need to carry it. It doesn’t ride on the snow smoothly. It was hard effort but I got it into my hostel safely! WOOHOO!

Wearing my hoodie for the first time!!

For dinner, I went to a restaurant which was omurice but western version – baked potato and bacon. Having this made me miss mum’s cooking even more because she makes a mean baked potato and bacon pie.

Afterwards, I headed back to my hostel (which isn’t too far from the station) and hung out with new friends. We learnt quite a bit and it is always exciting to meet new people.

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