Day 15: Nikko

I’m seriously loving this accommodation I’m staying at! As it’s so comfortable, clean and you feel safe. Plus, it’s not far from the station 🙂

Today’s motto: Take it easy.

I’m already more than halfway in my trip and I think today I need to take it easy. I’m going to take my time, no rushing (when did I ever lol?) and enjoy NIKKO.

The mountain view is no joke.

I came here for the bridge and temples so I honestly did not expect to see such picturesque landscape! I’m in awe just from looking at the mountains.

But before I start the walk, food is a must. I didn’t get to have breakfast and so my stomach was grumbling.

Nikko Yuba Udon 1100Y

The udon was good and I was glad I got to try their yuba which is what Nikko is known for. Yuba is basically tofu skin and this dish is perfectly suited for vegetarians 🙂

Afterwards, I walked all the way to the park. I saw the five story pagoda, Rinnoji Temple Complex- Sanbutsudo (Three Buddha Hall) and Taiyuan temple. There were other shrines which I haven’t seen because I got tired and didn’t want to spend more money on admission fares 😅

Shrines and temples at Nikko National Park

Afterwards, I took a very leisurely walk down to the station. It was a straight road so you won’t get lost. I stopped by this store which sold custard pastry and it was a perfect opportunity to reward myself and keep warm at the same time.

Funny thing was, I took my time too leisurely and missed my train by a minute 😦 The next one was in an hour and so, I just found refuge at a cafe.

Yummy custard and much needed coffee

Time flew by so quickly when I was at the cafe which was nice. I finally caught the train and was able to get back to my hotel and rest. My idea of resting includes lying down and crying from dramas. To be fair, I only watched one ep before leaving for dinner.

1100Y dinner and shopping spree!

As it’s my last night in Utsunomiya, it can be justified that I should definitely have gyozas. I ordered a ramen set from Utsunimiya Gyoza-kan which is not far from my hotel and is located right opposite to the station.

After a fulfilling dinner, I went for a walk around the block before going to LaLasquare for some window shopping. I initially wasn’t going to buy anything but I couldn’t help myself buying more earrings 😂

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