Day 14: Utsunomiya

Drinking the night before you need to leave should be banned! I was so lethargic but managed to get myself ready to leave on time!

660Y breakfast

As soon as I arrived, I realised how small this town was. It is so different to Osaka, Kyoto and Tokyo but I’m loving it. This quaint town has alot to offer in terms of historical sightseeing, temples and GYOZAS!

Futaarayama Shrine, Utsunomiya Castle Ruins Park

THEIR GYOZAS LIVE UP TO THEIR NAME AS THE BEST IN JAPAN! I ordered a set which consists of gyozas cooked in different ways. This was only 1000Y! Less than A$13!!!! The white dessert in the middle was sweet and a good way to end my meal.

Gyozas and spontaneous decision

After my satisfying meal, I was thinking to head to Nikko because there’s nothing else to see in Utsunomiya. Plus, I can’t check in until 4pm. While I was checking the timetables, I saw Sendai on the list and immediately thought of my friend. Let’s visit her!

On my way to Sendai

And so I did. It was the weekend and luckily she was also free! Plus tomorrow is a public holiday 🙂 The view from my window shows a lot of mountains and SNOW! Japan seriously have a lot of mountains.

Anyways, we had a huge catch up sesh because it has been since last year since we saw each other. It was fab because I’m so glad we had this chance to meet up even though I’ll be seeing her again next week when I’m staying at Sendai with her~

Sendai and Mos Burger

The only way I could travel like this is because of the JR Pass which has been super convenient! Love love love it!

P.S I’m currently on my third shinkansen back to Utsunomiya for today. It’s so embarrassing because I’ve sat on the wrong seat 😂 but the officer was nice about it and even used Google Translate to kindly ask me to move to the correct seat 🙂

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