Day 13: Last night in bustling Tokyo

I had a rather late start today and I was still yawning on the train. Today, I decided to travel to Kamakura. I hope it won’t rain soon because the sky is so grey.

Mind you, I haven’t had breakfast yet and suddenly I’m exploring a temple? I had thought to find food when I got off Kita-Kamakura station but in the end, I followed the crowd and went into Engakuji Temple.

Afterwards, it was finally food time. Seeing that there were not many options here, I took a train to Kamakura station in which it was only one stop.

A lot of people were here with families and friends, and it wasn’t only crowded because of tourists. I guess this place is also popular with the locals and I can see why.

Another Shrine and more praying 🙂

It was so cool to walk in the middle of the road as they paved a way directly towards the shrine. No wonder people love taking photos here.

Lunch at Misui and shopping!

The food here was amazing! A complete set of meal was under A$14!!!! It was delicious and I loved every single bite!

Unfortunately I couldn’t see the Great Buddha (one of the reasons why I was here) because it started raining 😦 But I still enjoyed my day here and would come back next time to explore more and eat more!!

Golden Gai and drinking

I met up with pre-new and new friends at Shinjuku for a fun night out! They were all so amazing to hang out with and we had a bomb time together!

I especially loved the last place we went to – Torikuzoku. Their yakitori was delicious and drinks were so cheap!!!!!!!!! Everything was a set rate and the vibe here is good!

Night at Torikizoku

Lastly, I want to say thank you to my friends for keeping my precious pink jacket clean and free of the cigarette smell! 😍

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