Hanamaruken Namba Hozenji @ Dotonburi

I came upon this place by chaNow as I was very hungry, didn’t want to wait long and just wanted a place to sit and eat comfortably. I’m glad I came here because the food was YUUUUUUM!

Their menu board

I ordered their number 1 set which consisted of slow-cooked pork ramen, half fried rice and gyozas.

Some table seats but we mainly sat around this bar. So convenient because the chef gives you the food over the table.

It didn’t take too long for my delicious food to arrive but I was content to be sitting especially after walking for a few hours.


This fried rice..🙌 so freaking delicious. The flavours and wok hei.. Brilliant! A tad too oily but who cares.

They arrived!!!! 😍

I purposely ordered a whole egg after having a blissful moment at Ichiran. However, it was a different kind ~ Nevertheless, I enjoyed what I was given! Is it the water? Or how they cooked it? Why aren’t the eggs in Australia’s Jap restaurants the same?

Overall, love love love. But I prefer Ichiran XD mainly because I like their salted egg

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