Day 12: I’m tired

I think I’ve already hit the point of my trip whereby I’m “getting sick” (figuratively) . I’m not homesick but a tad bored and tired. Hopefully my mood will pick up soon because I’m leaving to Utsunomiya this Sunday and Sapporo after that.

I had hoped to go to an onsen today but due to my hair, it would have to be rescheduled to another day – perhaps tomorrow?

Off to Odawara!

I know I said I was going to Yokohama but I just made a spontaneous decision to go to Odawara instead.

I’m glad I did. It was incredible and I had a smile on my face the entire time!😍 This is the main reason why I travelled to Japan. Not for shopping for nature.

Going up to the castle was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made because it’s view was even better than Himeji’s! I even went to the samurai museum in which they had a display of their armour as well as swords and katanas.

After my amazing time exploring the castle and it’s history, it was finally time for lunch. There was a lot of ramen stores but as I had ramen for dinner last night, I wasn’t feeling it.

Odawara Castle and it’s view!

I was apprehensive about pasta but decided to give it the benefit of a doubt. I’m glad I did because it was delicious! I ordered all in Japanese (so proud of myself). I think this was the first time I only spoke Japanese in full 😂 The pasta was a chef’s special and it consisted of smoked salmon and salmon roe. Beautifully cooked and that salmon was gorgeous!

I actually got my Google Translate ready to ask for more Parmesan but didn’t need to because they gave me a perfect amount of cheese!! Sydney, take notes!!

Italian for lunch and it exceeded expectations!

The ease of having a JR pass makes life really easy as you basically have tickets in advance and can just get on the train/shinkansen. Reserving my seats was so easy and all I need to show them is my JR pass.

Only reserved this ticket 10mins before boarding

The only reason why I left is because my phone was running out of battery and I forgot my powerbank. Hence, I had to back to Tokyo to get it 😂

And so, I spent a while charging my phone while watching dramas (typical me). This was quite relaxing as my feet also got time to rest.

Afterwards, I headed to Kiji – the okonomiyaki restaurant I tried to go at Osaka twice but was closed. I was so happy they have a branch in Tokyo and I mustn’t miss this chance!

Tokyo view

After a satisfying dinner, I walked around the block and even went up to the roof garden to take in the amazing sight Tokyo has to offer! Beautiful end to a beautiful day 🙂

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