Day 11: new hair new me

Lol today is exciting because I’m finally getting a Japanese perm. I’ve only decided this on the fly but decided to go ahead with it.

I had breakfast at this bar place which offered morning sets. It consisted of a huge half sandwich plus my usual black coffee which was good!

The photo of my complete brekkie didn’t save 😦

Afterwards, I headed back to Harajuku because I’m getting a hair makeover! Initially, I was only here for a Jap perm, haircut and treatment but, she advised me not to do a perm but straightening instead. The reason was because my hair would become even more frizzier. I took her advice even though it’s costing an extra 15000Y out of my pocket but hey, I’m in Japan.

Just under A$300: cut, wash, blow-dry, straight perm, treatments, massage

Was instructed that I can’t wash my hair for 2days (today and tomorrow) and can’t tie up my hair for a week. Let’s pray I can survive this!

Straight after the salon, I headed out in search for food. I decided to walk to Shibuya which took around 15mins. I was going to go to Katsuya for katsu but it was crowded. In the end, I went to Matsuya and this whole set knot costs 500Y!


I even saw the Shibuya crossing which was crazy. I headed to Shibuya 109 to see the youth fashion and it was another crazy place! In the end, I only bought a ring which was so pretty!

Shibuya 109 & Shinjuku

With nothing else to do in Shibuya, I went to Shinjuku and that’s another crazy district! Packed with people and so many neon lights. I went to Hanazono Shrine to pray (again) and explored the surrounding area.

I think in Tokyo, it’s mainly for shopping and less sightseeing. Due to this, I wish I can leave this city earlier. Too bad I pre-booked everything and can’t cancel or else there’s a huge fee to pay 😦

Plus, tomorrow’s trip to the onsen is definitely cancelled since my hair can’t get wet. I kind of want to get out of Tokyo so might go to Yokohama tomorrow.

For some reason, I went to Ueno for dinner and on my way, I visited the shrine. I truly forgot to take a photo of the ramen but it is exactly the same as the picture on its business card. Generous servings and I was surprised I managed to finish it! Guess I was very hungry.

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