Ichiran Ramen @ Osaka Eat Street

This was special because it’s my first meal in Japan. I’ve always wanted to try this and it exceeded my expectations.

As it was my first time, I didn’t want to order too much. And so, I got their ramen, drink and extra chopped spring onions.

Initial Order

After a few slurps of ramen and soup, I realised that this is not enough. I’ve already finished my 2 slices of pork. And so, I ordered more.

Half boiled egg

This egg is a must order guys! it’s so delicious and different to the ones in Sydney!!! No wonder my parents raved so much about it! Honestly, I would have these eggs over ramen any day!

Good chance to get rid of the coins even though Japanese coins are very VERY LIGHT!

Overall, I love it! 😍 nothing to hate and you won’t feel embarrasse to eat alone lol (not that I care but others might do)

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