Day 9: to Tokyo

I have lost count with my days already. I can’t believe I’ve been here for more than a week! I woke up quite early today and made sure everything is packed before heading out for breakfast. I wanted to have the omurice I’ve been eyeing at Porta but it wasn’t open. The bakeries were open but I decided to head back to my hotel and have breakfast at Seattle’s Best Coffee.


I love how they gave me a whole container of cheese. Australia, you should take notes.

My food adventure didn’t stop there as I had the most delicious ekiben! I don’t know what can top this because I was literally dancing and having an orgasm with each mouthful! Even the rice was full of flavour!

Orgasmic ekiben onboard Shinkansen

Mt Fuji definitely has an aura of its own. I did plan to go to Hakone for the hot springs as there would be the view, but decided against it would mean I have to rush from one place to another.

I’m content with seeing Mt Fuji from the shinkansen because I wasn’t going to climb the mountain and I wasn’t here in Japan solely for it.

Kyoto -> Tokyo

I arrived in Tokyo on time and to get to my capsule hotel at Kanda takes only one stop. So I’m definitely staying in a very convenient location.

Arriving in Tokyo, I can immediately sense that it has a different vibe to Kyoto and also Osaka. I feel like the people here are not as friendly, still polite, but it reminds me strongly of Sydney.. Perhaps I’m wrong but that’s my initial impression.


After checking in and ensuring my stuff are all sorted, I immediately headed out. I planned to go to Akhibara but instead, I went to Ginza. This is definitely a rich suburb as the branded shops and cars just oozes gold bars vibes.

I strolled around Ginza, going to many stationary shops and even Uniqlo! I had to stop myself from buying anything because I don’t want my luggage to gain more weight on its first day in Tokyo.. I still have to travel to other cities and I don’t want to lug around heavy luggage.

Anyways, due to the lack of shopping, I became hungry. I found this quant restaurant owned by an old couple called Kabuki Soba (歌舞伎そば). It’s a beautiful antique place filled with history and I like it because I could eat comfortably in peace. And guess what! These soba noodles with tempura was only 470Y!!!! Definitely implore you to check it out!

Kabuki Soba (歌舞伎そば)

After this, I headed straight to the Kabuki Theatre which was behind this restaurant. They were having a show and I saw them selling tickets for 800Y. And so, I bought it because why the heck not? Should at least see what kabuki is all about..

I felt bad… I must’ve been really tired or it just wasn’t my cup of tea because I was nodding off. I even yawned. There were some funny moments but no. Never going back 😂

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