Day 7: Gion or Nara?

I had a later start than usual as I went to bed late last night. I took my own sweet time getting ready and I’m now having breakfast at Yodobashi Kyoto at 11:15am!

I was supposed to spend a day at Gion, Imperial Palace and it’s surrounding area today but I think I might head down to Nara today. (I haven’t even researched about what to do there… Just going to wing it).

Having their number 1 menu!

I’ve never seen this many foreigners in Japan before. Even at Osaka, my roommates were mainly Japanese. I guess Kyoto is quite popular, especially Nara.


Getting to Nara took nearly 50mins and it’s actually a minute faster than coming here from Osaka Station. I saw so many deers and I have to applaud them for their intellect. They will act cute for food but if you don’t have what they want, they immediately turn around so that you won’t get a good picture 😂 Some of them even know how to bow! I even had one chewing my my earphones because he thought it was good! Then another one licked me and started following me. Mind you, I didn’t even buy those deer foods.

After going to both Todai-ji and Kofuku-ji Temples, I went to the infamous mochi man and it was amazing! His mochi was really good and I was surprised I liked it because I normally hate having red bean.

I even went on a tax-free shopping spree and brought a lot of my fave heated eye masks, makeup, and skin care. I think I might do another shopping spree when I’m in Tokyo or when I get back to Osaka.


I didn’t stay in Nara for dinner as I wanted to unload my shopping. And so, I went back to my hotel and packed them in my luggage. Dinner was easy because I craved for sushi and went to one nearby. Nothing fancy but good food. I even went on a light exercise after that and bought stuff from Uniqlo in preparation for Sapporo – taking advantage of TAX FREE!

P.S Shay Mitchell is also in Kyoto! And we’re going to all of the same places!

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