Day 5: Onsen time

It’s already my fifth day and I still haven’t been to an onsen. I was up last night trying to find an authentic one and decided to go to Hinata no Yu. But before that..another temple visit.

I decided to try my luck again at Ohatsu Tenjin and my fortune seems to be going down the more I do this.

This time, they have the English translation for the fortune 🙂 by this time, it was around 10:30am and I’m starving. It took me a while to find a place to sit and eat. It seems like I had to go to a Business district to find food because they would cater to workers who will need to have breakfast on their way to work. I found a tonkatsu place and they take orders by the vending machine is also known English! It was a wholesome breakfast with rice, tonkatsu, salad and miso soup!

Refreshing drink 100Y from vending machine

Then I went to the onsen and was quite surprised to have spent 4+ hours there. It was so relaxing and I didn’t feel shy about being in my birthday suit. The staff were so helpful and assisted me in understanding their menu.

My celebrity moment

When I went back to Shin-Osaka station, I couldn’t believe my eyes! Choo Sarang’s mum was there!!!!! She was waiting for someone on the phone, probably her daughter and husband but I didn’t wait to find out.

My dinner…. Long queue = must be delicious!

I made my way to dinner and this took a while because I tried my luck again at Kiji for okonimiyaki but the restaurant is still closed. It doesn’t matter because I was able to have a fulfilling dinner at Kamesushi!

This is my last night in Kyobashi because when I come back, I’m not staying in this area. Pity though because it was so convenient!

In my next trip to Osaka, I would definitely love to stay here and at Hostel Bushi as well!


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