Day 4: Himeji and Kobe

For some reason I woke up at 6am even though I had my alarm set up for 8.30. Guess my body is ready for another day of adventute! I took my own sweet time to get ready and even sent my mum a lengthy shopping list because my fave face brand is having a 50% sale!

Anyways, I’m really excited to be boarding my very first shinkansen! The speed astounds me! A 2 hour car ride becomes 20mins with the shinkansen!

First ekiben!

I even had my very first ekiben for breakfast and this was less than 600Y! Not too bad and it consists of a mix of noodles, spicy chicken and spicy and sweet roll. I bought a small one so that I can have space in my stomach for Himeji when I arrive. Who knew that this small one is so scrumptious and filling. I’m already in a food coma.

Salmon bento box

I kid… I bought something else to eat after the walk from the station to Himeji Castle. I thought I should grab an early lunch as the castle will take a few hours to cover. I can’t believe I was smart enough to think like this because I only finished the castle and garden after 2pm!

Going up to Himeji Castle and Kokoen Garden truly gives you an overall workout: the numerous steep staircases, lengthy walks around the garden, taking your shoes on and off when entering and exiting the castle, carrying your heavy shoes and bag through the walk.

Going to both costs 1040Y if you purchase the tickets from Himeji Castle. The garden was a peaceful walk as you get to see koi fishes! The rehouse was unfortunately closed due to the New Years holiday.

Afterwards, I explored the nearby shopping streets: Miyuki Street and Omizosuji Street. I wanted to get a haircut but they couldn’t fit me in until Friday which was impossible because I won’t have time to go to Himeji again. I’m doing a bit of research at the moment to find one that won’t break the bank 😂

Hot green tea from the vending machine!!!! Only 130Y!

Then, I headed straight to Kobe Station and silly me didn’t even research where to eat. It took me a while to decide and I realised that all these food recommendations for kobe meat is surrounding Sanonimiya Station instead! Luckily, it was just one stop away. I went to Steakland Kobekan and I’ll post my review soon 🙂

And that’s all for today. I might buy takoyaki for snacks later.. Been craving for it.

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