Day 3

A later start than usual this morning as I woke up at 9! I must’ve been so tired and out of whack after drinks last night ~

Today’s agenda is Osaka Castle and it’s surrounding area. Even though I started later than I would like.. This is good because a lot of restaurants don’t open until 11am (have I assimilated into the Japanese life already?)

When I arrived at Osakajoen Station, only 7/11 and Lawson’s were open for food. I bought a bag of 6 croissants and they were rich in buttery flavour. After munching through a few, I spotted a takoyaki stand! Yes! I can finally have takoyaki! They were 500Y for 8 big balls!

After my scrumptious breakfast, I had enough energy to walk towards the castle. It was magnificent and luckily I brought my sunnies because the sun was out.

Afterwards, I walked towards Morinomiya Station for omurice but the restaurant was closed 😦 A lot of places are still closed because of the New Year holidays but I’m determined to find somewhere good to eat. I somehow found myself in the basement of Umeda Sky Building in Kiraku. Funny story.. I was supposed to be here for okonomiyaki but it’s also closed 😦

Thankfully, I found a place to eat in the same building. Seems like I wasn’t the only one hungry because this place was packed but as a solo, you don’t always have to wait too long for seats 🙂

Afterwards, I went straight to Shitenoji. Funny story, I was 😴 snoozing and missed the 5 stations! 😱 that’s when you know that you need coffee in your system in order to survive the rest of the day!

Pretty good coffee for less than A$2!!!

This woke me up real good. And it’s good coffee too despite being so cheap! Better than some cafes in Aus.. Seriously.

Shitennoji Temple

After this, I went on a shopping spree at Mio in Tennoji Station because Karly everything was 50%! I went overboard with the stationary because why not?!

Got these for half price!!!

Then I went back home to refresh myself and also to unload all my shopping. It was a good chance to catch up with family and friends through facetime before heading out for dinner. I need to have an early night tonight and wanted to eat somewhere close by.

I didn’t know when I was searching that Kyobashi had so much to eat! I’m now in CocoIcchi for curry because I heard that theirs are really good!

Good curry. Good price!

My night didn’t even end there! After being kicked out of the Shopping Centre, I had no choice but to head back. What was going to be an early night became another drinking night under the stars.

Panaromic view from the rooftop

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