Day 1: Flight from Sydney – Taipei – Osaka

My flight to Taipei was a comfortable one because I was lucky my row was practically empty! Even though it was empty, I couldn’t move the arm seats so didn’t get to have that space 😦

Nevertheless, I could stretch my arms freely and my bags have a free seat! Before the dinner service, I washed my face, put on a mask and began watching the latest Mission Impossible (didn’t finish it because I got bored 😂)

Dinner soon arrived and I chose to have potato and pork. This was not bad and I surprisingly enjoyed it (I’m not too fond of in-flight meals). I used the leftover sauce to dip my bread roll in it. And when you think that was it, they offered choc / vanilla ice cream! I couldn’t resist.

After this feast, I tried to sleep. It wasn’t easy as the roaring of the engine wasn’t subtle. I only had a 2 hour nap 😦 I can’t seem to sleep more.. 😴

I even thought of using wine to make me drowsy but it didn’t work. The air stewardess even came to my seat to refill my cup 😂

But then I smelt breakfast. I went to brush my teeth and refreshed myself before having my choice of fritata and pork sausage. Wasn’t as good as dinner but they had bread roll and butter!

Then we soon arrived at Taipei for a short stopover before my flight to Osaka. The way this airport handles transfers is confusing as they didn’t even update our flight information and then the lounges weren’t even opened! Even trying to ask the staff for help was useless because they referred me to the information counter which wasn’t even opened yet!

Anyways, I noticed that I’m the only one in short sleeves.. Everyone else are wearing hoodies, down jackets and scarves! It’s not even that cold yet..

The boarding for Osaka soon arrived and I can’t believe I’m getting closer and closer to the land of the rising sun! Food was soon served and I had a choice of chicken with eggs or chicken with noodles. I chose the latter since I haven’t tried their Asian meals yet. Noodles were clumpy but overall.. It was OK. Much better than their fritatas 😂


Also could not stop myself for some red when she offered it to me.


We soon landed because it was only a short flight and I could feel the chill in my legs. I only put on a hoodie and that seems enough for now.

But I’m so fascinated by every single thing! No wonder why my friend doesn’t want to leave Japan!

At the customs, the officer’s booths were PINK! Such a welcoming colour for me (because it is my fave). All the staff were so efficient in directing us to where we should go and they are organised in what they have to do.

After collecting my luggage, I went to exchange my JR pass which was quick. Afterwards, I headed straight to my accommodation but not before raiding through their famous 7/11 store to buy a salmon onigiri.

I’m staying near Kyobashi Station which is 2 stops from Osaka Station. This is quite convenient and there is a takoyaki store near it!!! I can’t wait to try it!

After settling down and refreshing myself, I set out for dinner and a mini exploration of Osaka. I didn’t get through much because my feet seriously ached, but I’m proud of myself for going to Eat Street at the last minute for food.

I went to Ichiran and my gosh… That place is amazing! (will have a separate post later)

I even stumbled into a temple while face timing with my family to ring in the new year and got my fortune told! That temple is Tsuyu Tenjinsha Shrine (Umeda area).


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