Adventure awaits @ Sydney Airport

It’s currently 7:31pm here in Sydney and I have just 2 more hours before I can board my flight to JAPAN!

I’m seriously excited and can’t wait till I actually step foot on japan’s land! It has been long awaited since I was young…manga fanatic, then anime addict and even dramas and songs!

Now I’m not too obsessed but it’s just so exciting! The flight will hopefully be a peaceful one as I want to be able to sleep soundly to get used to the time difference. Oh wait! I haven’t even checked yet!

OK, 2 hours before Sydney’s. That’s not too bad. And when I land there, it will be NYE! FIREWORKS AND PARTY GALORE 🎊

What I’m more excited about is buying those pocket heat packs. They are such a fascinating invention and I can’t wait to get my hands on them.

Then after that, I can fulfil my cravings of glorious ramen. My mouth is already salivating at the thought of it lol.

*update – loud voices are already heard in the lounge… I’m no longer hopeful for a quiet ride now

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