Kabul House @ Merrylands

You know…I’ve never really went out of my way to try other cuisines. I’m so lucky that Australia is a multicultural society and that we have the luxury to go out and eat whatever we want. And so, I came here.

Just before you walk inside the restaurant, the lovely aroma of marinated meat and spices hits you. It is quite salivating. I’m so thankful that my friend brought us here because now I have a new fave place to go to! (and I don’t need to travel far!)

For drinks, we ordered a jug of “dogh” in which it is a type of yoghurt drink. This drink is not thick and has mint in it. It is quite refreshing and goes down very smoothly.

Jug of Dogh $10

For our food, we ordered their traditional dishes including mantu which resembles Chinese dumplings. These dumplings were scrumptious and I love their toppings of yoghurt (similar to dogh) and split pea dahl.

Mantu $17

We also tried the different kebabs they offer at this restaurant along with their traditional rice which has raisins in it! This dish comes with a side of chilli sauce and yoghurt sauce (also similar to dogh but thicker). I enjoyed both of the dipping sauce although the chilli was a tad hot BUT GOOD! The meat were all cooked well and lamb was my fave.

The rice was flavoured perfectly and I thoroughly enjoyed their added raisins.

Mix of 3 kebabs (lamb, pork, chicken) and Rice $23

Of course this is a place I would frequent especially since I don’t need to travel far to get here. I’m so thankful that I was able to try these traditional Afghan cuisine and had such an amazing experience. 🙂

Kabul House Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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