When I was seven years old, I could remember thinking “I can’t wait to become an adult because then I can take control over my own life”. Fast forward sixteen years later, I’m thinking “why can’t I be a child again?”.

Being an adult has its perks but with it comes responsibilities…heavy responsibilities. I didn’t know I had to be in charge of so many bills, debts, etc. plus there is no set instructions on exactly what you need to do once you reach adulthood. It is basically a “learn as you go” and if you make mistakes…tough luck. Its scary, exciting and stressful because you don’t want to risk anything.

You have people telling you how you should do this and that so that your future you will have an easier life. But, do I want to suffer now just for the future? When am I supposed or “allowed” to enjoy life? Will I be happy in the future if I sacrifice my desires now in my twenties?

Also, its not just being an adult but having a full-time job…you don’t realise that it can take over your life. Not the job itself, but the responsibilities and tasks…your life suddenly revolves around your work. When I first started my full-time job, I found myself just thinking about the next day and what I had to do. I even took work home. I found myself becoming stressed, snappier and I hated that.

I felt anxious (quite common for all human beings) because there is so much to do, pressure is on and you don’t get enough time to de-stress! Where is my social life?!

I know that its not just me because I also have friends who are nurses, accountants and even lawyers. They’re always busy and we all find it hard to schedule a good time for us to hang out. I hate that I don’t get to see my friends as often as I like but we can’t help it because of work. We all have full-time jobs and we need it in order to survive in this society. Thank goodness for social media but that is not a long-term solution.


Now, I’m at a point in my life where I feel content…a bit. I guess its because I’m getting used to having a full-time job and I’ve been trying very hard to balance work-family-friends-me. I always try to ensure that I have time to pamper myself (even if its just a simple face mask) because just a bit of me-time helps me to destress and not worry about anything in the world.

With work, I always try to organise my time well so that I can get everything (well mostly) done during my free periods so that I don’t have to worry about it after-work. I’m proud to say that this has worked well even though there were times I had to take markings home (only did it for 2 days this term).

I had someone tell me to “do work during work hours and save after-work for yourself”. I agree with this but to me, its not possible for now. Perhaps in the future when I’m on a roll.

I think this post was supposed to be me complaining about adulthood but I feel like its a normal process that everyone goes through. Even though not everyone will have the same experiences like me, I know that every single one of us will definitely go through a point where there is a major change in our lives. We will get through it, and, we will learn from it. One main thing I just have to remember is that I need to be happy myself. There is no point in earning all this money for the future if I’m not content with my life now. I don’t need to be 100% happy now, but at least I’m not 0%.

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