Grano @ Wetherill Park

Steak Burger

Parking is hard. Maybe because I wasn’t a local as I was lost and confused about how to get here. It doesn’t help that the parking is so limited but luckily, they allowed me to park “illegally” lol. I suggest you get there early or there’s a home centre next door which you can park in but prepare to walk.

The ambience inside is quite rustic and they try to make it feel homely. The decorations of cheese graters as light bulb covers hanging up on the ceiling was a tad scary if you imagine them falling and scraping your face 😂

Wake Me Up Juice $8

Nevertheless, this place seems very popular with the locals and I think they hold cooking classes for kids as I saw then wearing mini chef hats which was adorable. Or they might have been holding a birthday party? Regardless, I liked seeing them.

Looking at the menu, there wasn’t much to choose from and the food was overpriced. But I’m here for company and decided to order something I knew should always taste ragu.

Service was good at first but when waiting for drinks and food, it was terrible! I don’t know exactly how long we waited for the food but it was enough for us to start commenting on the wait time.

Even when I ordered juice as soon as I sat down (they only had juice on the menu).. it didn’t arrive until 10-15mins later.

I thought that my $28 ragu will be a huge portion but when it came out, I was quite disappointed to receive a small serving of pasta. It wasn’t amazing either but I like that they added a good amount of parmesan for me because I love cheese! Still…disappointed with the rest of the taste.

Duck Ragu $28

Basically, overpriced, inaccessible parking, poor service and not amazing food.

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