Sashimi (one of the daily specials) $20

This place is opened for service at exactly 6pm for dinner patrons. My family and I were so lucky to have been the first one in as we got there 5 mins early, watching one of the chefs preparing fresh soba (buckwheat) noodles for the night. Pretty soon, the place got busy and phones were calling in to make last-minute reservations.

We noticed that they had to turn other customers away because they didn’t have reservations since they were fully booked (weekend). Hence, why we were lucky because we didn’t book.

We were immediately seated to our table which was quite spacious and given menus. We didn’t take too long to order because we knew that we had to order soba (because its one of their specialties) and okonomiyaki. And since we were at a Japanese restaurant, why not order sashimi as well?

The sashimi was thinly sliced and I enjoyed the dipping sauces they provided us as well. Very beautifully presented!

Our noodles came out soon after – surprised with the lack of wait time! Seriously! Their service was impeccable! Also, forgot to mention that we all ordered hot soup since you have a choice between hot or cold.

Duck Soba $20
Jugemu Special $22







The okonomiyaki was huge when it came out and golly did my eyes widen! It was perfectly cooked and I enjoyed every single bite! I could taste a lot of vegetables and I don’t think I had a bite of pork belly in it. Maybe because it just melted within the okonomiyaki hahas. Definitely liked the calamari and prawns in this as I love my seafood.

Tempura Soba $20

One dish I really have to highlight was this walnut soba noodles. In the description on the menu it says “with chicken, veges and Jap mushrooms in walnut and sesame soup choice of cold or hot”. The nutty taste in this soup was so unique and I definitely made orgasmic sounds while drinking the soup. It was so addicting and I don’t know how else to describe it. You just have to get it!

Even the waiter who took our order said “good choice” when I asked for this and my mum vowed to order this next time.

Walnut Soba Noodles $22

It is pretty obvious that there will DEFINITELY be a next time for me. But this time round, I will reserve a table in advance so that I won’t be like that poor couple who had to leave.

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