Le Monde @ Surry Hills

“The World”?

I studied French in the past and I was confused…who names their cafe “The World”? I know it sounds nicer in French and I know for a fact that this cafe is not all french..

Oh well, let’s get on to the food. I ordered a burger because “fried chicken” and “fries” caught my eye. It was greasy (expected) and I have no qualms about it. The fries was what I most looked forward to in this meal as nothing can ever go wrong with fries (unless they’re the stringy ones like in McDonald’s).

The Bird Southern Fried Chicken fillet $17

We also ordered matcha hot cakes in advance because apparently it was also good. But, this dish took way too long to arrive. Way too long! My friend’s lunch break was only an hour and when we were about 30mins in, we asked the waiter if we could cancel this order since it hasn’t come out yet. However, he says that it was in the oven and “it will be out soon”. Hearing this, we decided to not cancel since they’ve already made it. But then it didn’t come out in the next 10 mins. We waited and waited….does it seriously take 20+mins for it to cook in the oven? This is nonsense!

We tried to cancel it again but he says its still in the oven. I’m doubting his words but what can I do? He doesn’t want us to cancel..

In the end, it came and there was 5 mins left to my friend’s lunch break. Luckily, she was able to stay a tad longer to finish it but this whole experience was uncomfortable.

Matcha Hot Cakes $16

Was it worth the wait? NO! Absolutely not. They should really work on their customer service because this situation has already costed them a few – which is a damn pity.

Le Monde Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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