[Recaps] 芸汐传 Legend of Yun Xi: Ep 47-48 THE END

Ep 47
General Mu is shocked to find out that some of his soldiers have become poisoned humans and that their Emperor would resort this low. General Mu and his father then confront the Emperor to ask about the whereabouts of their 50000 soldiers who caught the flu. The Emperor admits that he did turn all of them to poisoned humans and General Mu’s father shows his disappointment, “It is unacceptable to me. I cannot serve a tyrant who takes the lives of his men lightly!” The Emperor is mad and instructs his men to bear their swords at both of them. General Mu’s father dies and General Mu is taken away. But then, General Mu’s men comes in to rescue him.

News of General Mu’s defection reaches LFY and he tells Xifeng that they should get General Mu and his 10000 soldiers on his side so that they will have a higher chance of defeating the Emperor. Yunxi soon arrives to give LFY his daily medicine and check his pulse. She finds out that his pulse is weak and he won’t have much longer. LFY then lies to Yunxi saying that he is going to visit his soldiers to boost their morale so that she won’t be worried.

Later, Yunxi goes to find Gu Beiyue to find him heavily injured. He tells her how the Emperor has killed all of the villagers and turned the men to poisoned men. He also says how his body is very weak and his internal organs are damaged since he used up a lot of his energy to capture this poisoned man. He hopes Yunxi will be able to figure out a way to cure them using this poisoned man’s blood. And so she tests the blood and realises that it is similar to Qishao’s blood. She then remembers how he had taken the Jue Zhong herb before to heal himself and so she takes one and puts it on the hot coal. The scent of the herb lingers to the poisoned man, waking him up before rendering him dead. This confirms Yunxi’s suspicion that this herb can suppress the poisoned man’s poison. And so, they’ve gotten the cure! But then, Gu Beiyue loses consciousness which terrifies Yunxi.

LFY meets with General Mu and his soldiers who have thoughts to avenge his father and men. And so, they pledge their allegiance to LFY. LFY then returns to camp and feels weak. He orders his men to spread news of his weakening health and the fact that he will be dying soon to lure the Emperor to the Capital so that they can trap him. Yunxi soon arrives to tell LFY about Gu Beiyue’s passing. She also tells him about the cure she and Gu Beiyue tested. But the only problem is that Yuze has the herb and they need to get it from her. Screen Shot 2018-08-24 at 9.25.22 pm.png

Later, Qishao meets with Yuze who gives him the remaining herbs. He thanks her and tells her that she should now pursue her own happiness because he doesn’t want her to be involved in this conflict. She tells him how she wants to be with him and stay beside him.

Next, Yunxi requests Qishao to return the qidu herb to her as she needs it to save LFY. But he is unwilling and so, Yunxi has Xifeng and his men to trap him. In order to protect her from his poison in case it acts up, Qishao doesn’t fight against the soldiers. And so, Yunxi manages to get the herb from him while Qishao begs her to don’t do this. Yunxi apologises and gets the men to take Qishao away so he doesn’t escape and ruin her plan.

And so, Yunxi makes the antidote using the herb, the poison beast’s blood and later, her blood. She enlists the help of Tang Li, Xifeng and Jing’er who express their unhappiness at this. But they understand the significance of LFY staying alive as they need him to fight against the Emperor and save millions of their citizens.

Later, we see that Yunxi has written a letter to the Han family as her “final goodbye” but of course she doesn’t tell them that. She wishes them well and apologise for not inviting them to her real wedding with LFY as it was decided on short notice. And so, we see Yunxi going through the marriage ceremony again and this time, LFY is present! He quickly carries her in his arms and confesses his undying love for her as his wife.Screen Shot 2018-08-24 at 9.38.16 pm.png

Screen Shot 2018-08-24 at 9.42.00 pm.pngScreen Shot 2018-08-24 at 9.43.00 pm.png

The next morning, Yunxi brings up two bowls of soup. LFY drinks his and then asks why she doesn’t drink hers. She doesn’t reply and LFY loses unconsciousness.

Ep 48
Yunxi brings LFY to bed and tucks him in, “Don’t worry husband, I’ll not let anything happen to you”. She then goes to see Qishao who is still chained up. She immediately kneels in front of him and he figures out that she is here to ask him to get the blood from her heart. He begs her to not do this to him but she drinks the poison in front of him. Qishao, in anguish, activates his poisoned state and frees himself from the chains. He holds her in his arms and they talk about meeting again in the next life. She thanks him and gifts her her mother’s bracelet to him. She also says how she wants to marry LFY in her next life as well before slowly taking her dagger and stabbing herself in the chest to get her blood out. And so, she passes away in Qishao’s arms. His cries alert everyone of Yunxi’s death.

Next, we see Tang Li and Jing’er waiting for LFY to wake up. He opens his eyes to question why he is in the palace. He asks about Yunxi and finds Qishao also. He questions Qishao who tells him that Yunxi is dead, “She died because of you”. LFY sobs at the loss of his newlywed wife and love, Yunxi. Xifeng soon arrives to inform them that the Emperor’s poisoned men are here at the palace gates. Qishao urges LFY to not let Yunxi death be in vain and so, LFY gets ready for battle.

During their battle meeting, LFY tells them their plan. Qishao arrives to give them the herb to help them win the battle against the poisoned men. LFY and the Emperor begin their fight. Most of the poisoned men are dead thanks to Qishao’s help with the herbs and many of the Emperor’s soldiers have lost their lives. The Emperor and his surviving men have no choice but to retreat since they are losing greatly. Meanwhile, Qishao feels weak due to his poison and falls to the ground. But before he loses consciousness, a girl comes and feeds him a pill before taking Yunxi’s bracelet as payment. Is this Yunxi’s reincarnation?

The Emperor and his little men are trapped by LFY and the cliff. But the Emperor does not admit defeat and all of his surrounding men dies. LFY then comes forward to fight against the Emperor and stabs him multiple times. Knowing that he can’t win and won’t be able to reclaim his throne, the Emperor throws himself off the cliff.

Meanwhile, Concubine Qin is visited by Princess Changping who quickly grabs her hand to lead her out. She runs away with her thinking that she is being led to the Emperor, “Has the Emperor forgiven me?”. Her younger brother chases after her and she is happy to see that he is back to normal. He tells her that he wasn’t poisoned in the first place but put on make up to make it seem like he was poisoned. He also gives her a letter the Emperor instructed him to give to her. She takes it out and reads his confession of love to her as well as telling her to live a good life from now on since he is no longer on this earth.

After his successful battle, LFY is grieving for Yunxi. Tang Li and Jing’er visit him to try to comfort him and to tell him that he has stuff to do for their state. But LFY wants to be with Yunxi and has no interest in state affairs. And so, LFY gives the Emperor’s seat to Tang Li, “You must become a good Emperor”. Tang Li’s coronation is soon held.Screen Shot 2018-08-24 at 10.14.39 pm.png

Qishao is mourning after Yunxi’s death as he drinks and drinks. He reminisces his time with Yunxi and how they had so many laughs together. He also tells her how her bracelet as been stolen but to not worry as he will definitely get it back for her.

With Tang Li as Emperor, Jing’er is automatically his Empress. However, she is unaccustomed to the royal life. Tang Li soon visits Jing’er and dismisses everyone. As soon as the servants are all gone, Tang Li becomes servile in front of Jing’er and tries to make her happy. Jing’er shows her jealousy at the thought of the ministers urging him to take a concubine but he tells her that he won’t. Screen Shot 2018-08-24 at 10.18.57 pm.png

Next, LFY is seen living at the Pill Valley place he built for Yunxi. He reminisces his memories of Yunxi as well as their marriage. He then sees an image of Yunxi gathering flowers and herbs in front of him. He gets up and rushes towards her. They hug tightly as he smiles at the thought of her being here again with him in flesh.Screen Shot 2018-08-24 at 10.23.00 pm.png



真的没想到ending会这样!I’m so in love with this drama and even though Yunxi is not with him in real life, the fact is that she lives in his heart forever. A beautiful love story.

51 thoughts on “[Recaps] 芸汐传 Legend of Yun Xi: Ep 47-48 THE END

    1. The correct ending is that Yunxi comes back to life because of her mother’s bracelet. Her being there, in the flesh is not fake


      1. I started watxhung this drama cause of ZZH word of honor then moved to The bloom at ruyi pavilion then this.

        Thank you for the explanation, hope that is per the book.
        My criticisim is producer should have had extra 15 min explaining that to the audience . And how she survived from the piosons she drank especially and stabbing her chest? And probably cut the part Qi Shao dont know where her body is? Plus who took the bracelet from Qi Shao in the end? I initially was guessing Zhu Er but if it is YunXi , then should have also shown her wris wearing it at the ending.
        I was focusing on the scene she picking up flowers and cant see a bracelet.


  1. The correct ending is that Yunxi comes back to life because of her mother’s bracelet. Her being there, in the flesh is not fake


  2. This was such a Amazing story. I haven’t had another in a long time that touched my heart like this one. I was truly devastated about the ending. . In my mind the ending was .. she comes back alive and she was really real ….And they spent a quiet time together….I just started watching Chinese drama s I’m so in love all other . But the historical and fantasy ..well lol actually I love them all. Thank you for Sharing them with us ..Lots of luck and beat wishes…


  3. I wish there was something that explains how she return from dead. or the story plot could have ended with them meeting at heaven


  4. When she was dying, she was holding the bracelet that she was giving to Qi Shao. Look near his waist. It glowed so it was working on her. She did not want her body seen in case it did not work so she needed more time. . She needed him to choose to come back but did not want to face him to stay. He had to want to break ties. But if he was to choose to be the emperor, she would wait for him too. LFY needed to tie up loose ends and so she waited for him. She wanted him to choose what he wanted after her death. She was the one to give Qi Shao the pill and take back the bracelet. I assume she was still working on healing poisons and her choices of plants she discussed with LFY
    throughout the year he was in mourning for her. I believe she was there waiting for him rather than being conjured up by his subconscious to cope with her loss. That is my take since they did not specify a burial. She had to find a way to get Qi Shao to love another. She died in front of him to gain closure and acceptance to move on. This is my take on the story but I am new to these shows. I could be wrong.


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