[Recaps] 芸汐传 Legend of Yun Xi: Ep 45-46

Ep 45
Qishao is working hard to develop a medicine for LFY so that Yunxi won’t have to sacrifice her life. Both Gu Beiyue and Yuze are worried for him as he doesn’t think about his health. Meanwhile, the eunuch’s men are still conducting experiments in creating more poisoned people and it seems that they have found success. They also found out that these poisoned people can be controlled by putting a needle at the acupuncture point located at the top of their scalp. The Emperor is informed of their success as well as the scarcity of the poison as they need to make more to develop his own army against LFY.

Meanwhile, Concubine Qin needs to give the Emperor poison three more times in order to activate the slow-acting poison in his body, “By then, he will be incurable”. But she is upset and doesn’t wish to continue down this road. Her nanny tells her that it is too late since they have poisoned the Emperor quite a few times already. And so, her resolve is strengthened and she pours the poison into his soup. The Emperor soon arrives and she quickly hides her bottle in her sleeve. He comes in and goes to drink the soup. But she hesitates and takes it back, faking that the soup needs time to cool down. However, the Emperor has already accidentally dipped his finger inside and his thumbnail turns black. The Emperor is dumbfounded that the soup is poisoned and quickly makes an excuse to leave. He instructs his eunuch to take the soup under pretence that he will drink it later when its cooled. Once he arrives at his palace, he orders his men to investigate the soup for poison.

Later, Tang Li is in a village and finds out that there is no men, only women and children. He realises that it is bad as the Emperor must have captured all of the men to turn them into poisoned humans. Gu Beiyue arrives to inform him that the Emperor has been creating poisoned humans. He also informs Tang Li that one poisoned human can create many more poisoned humans and the calamity it poses. However, there is no cure and they need to make a move before more humans are turned. Yuze soon arrives after splitting up with Qishao to give them the Jue Zhong herb.

Back to the Emperor, the eunuch report the findings of Concubine Qin’s soup. He is told about the slow-acting poison which causes death. The Emperor is disappointed and in shock, “Why is she doing this? I trusted her so much” The eunuch also informs the Emperor that Concubine Qin has also been secretly communicating with the ministers from Court and suspects her of conspiracy.

Later, Qishao arrives at Yunxi’s place who has been worried about his whereabouts. He tells her how he was at Xiqiu to look for an antidote for poisoned people but was unable to find a solution. He then hugs her tightly, begging her to not die and sacrifice her life. But she tells him that she must save LFY. Qishao doesn’t accept her decision and pulls her away. But then LFY arrives and Qishao challenges him to a fight. The men changes location to fight in the forest, away from Yunxi’s eyes. Yunxi is waiting for them and when she sees LFY arrive back, she asks whether Qishao is hurt. Hearing this, LFY is a bit jealous, “Are you worried for him?”, and she explains that he’s her benefactor. LFY says that he killed Qishao and Yunxi becomes worried. He hates seeing her like this and his jealousy comes out, “You’re my woman”. Their relationship becomes rocky as per Yunxi’s plan.

Later, Xifeng goes to tell Yunxi that Qishao is still alive and only has minor injuries. He also steps out of place to tell Yunxi that LFY is just throwing a tantrum and asks Yunxi to plead & apologise to LFY so that his jealousy will subside. Yunxi agrees and goes to stop LFY from leaving. She goes to clear up the misunderstanding LFY has with Yunxi and Qishao, “Qishao and I are just friends”. But LFY hurts her with words by calling her a loose woman, “You are shameless, indecent and fickle”. Yunxi slaps him but LFY doesn’t stop his harsh words towards her. Hearing this, Yunxi tells him that she won’t stay at this place and that she doesn’t need it. She leaves him alone and walks away.

LFY looks at her walking back with sadness and we realise why he did this to her. It seems that from his previous fight with Qishao, Qishao revealed Yunxi’s intention to sacrifice her life for him. And so, he wants to make her hate him so that she won’t have to die for him.

Later, Yunxi is back at Gu Beiyue’s residence when Qishao goes to meet up with her. She gives Qishao the formula she has come up with which may help them relieve and most possibly cure the poisoned people the Emperor has been creating. She then tells Qishao to spend the next 3 days creating the pills based on this prescription. After the three days, she will wait for him at the Pill Valley LFY built for her and then they can leave together. When Qishao left, Yunxi’s expression changes to a melancholic one as she apologises to Qishao for still wanting to save LFY and that she doesn’t want him to see her leave. News of this reaches LFY as Xifeng informs him of what Qishao told him.

Ep 46
LFY tells Tang Li his thoughts to hand over his reign to him but Tang Li refuses. LFY tells Tang Li that there is no cure for his poison and says that Yunxi will not find one. He plans on dying so that Yunxi can live.

Meanwhile, the eunuch reports to the Emperor how half of their army has been infected with the poison and soon, their poisoned human army will be complete. The Emperor is satisfied with this report and can’t wait to recover his city.

Back to Yunxi, Qishao discovers that she really was lying so that she can save LFY. She tells him her guess that Qishao told LFY everything and he admits it, “He has a right to know”. In the middle of their argument, two poisoned men arrive and Qishao goes to fight them but not before telling Yunxi to run away. They managed to injure Qishao and just as when they were going to stab him, LFY and Xifeng arrive. LFY and Xifeng fight against the poisoned men and Qishao also joins them. But then, the blood of one of the poisoned men manages to come in contact with Qishao’s open wound. Qishao soon falls down and coughs out more blood. LFY manages to defeat the other poisoned man and then instructs Xifeng to take Qishao back for treatment.

Later, the Emperor tests the next round of soup Concubine Qin sends him and it comes back positive for poison. He becomes even more disappointed. On the other hand, Concubine Qin is upset that she has to do this to the Emperor as she is falling for him. The nanny tries to comfort her that she is doing this for the Crown Prince and Xiqiu. The Emperor soon sends her a summons and she goes to see him. The Emperor opens up their conversation by talking about the poisoned men’s failed mission in killing Yunxi. He then makes a comment about how “Everyone wants me dead” and then signals his soldiers to bring people in.

One by one, poisoned men come in and Concubine Qin recognises one of them as her younger brother, the Crown Prince. Concubine Qin immediately gets on her knees and begs the Emperor for mercy towards her brother. The Emperor tells her how he has been giving her chances but she has ignored them all and continued to try to poison him. He continues to tell her how his heart is hurting and Concubine Qin confesses her love for him but had no choice but to do this. And so, she begs him to let her brother go and she will die to atone for her mistakes. But the Emperor refuses to heed her request, “I’ll not let you die easily”, and locked her up in prison.

Meanwhile, LFY says his goodbyes to Yunxi as he is off to defeat the Emperor and his army of poisoned people. He goes to see Qishao to tell him to look after Yunxi and to make sure she doesn’t do any silly things. And so, Qishao goes to comfort Yunxi to let her be at ease and to believe in LFY being successful in this war.

General Mu and his father are horrified about how the Emperor is trying to use innocent people by turning them forcefully into his poisoned army. They beg the Emperor to not harm their citizens anymore but the Emperor does not heed their request. And so, they have no choice but to leave and obey his order.

Later, Xifeng rushes back to see Yunxi to ask her to follow him to LFY’s camp as his life is at stake. Qishao tries to stop her but forces her way through. And so, she arrives at LFY’s camp and he is surprised to see her here. She convinces him to let her stay by his side while they are at camp after lying that even if she uses her blood from her heart, she still can’t make an antidote for him. And so, they spend time together being sweet and lovey as they cherish their moment together.

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