[Recaps] 芸汐传 Legend of Yun Xi: Ep 43-44

Ep 43
Yunxi is surprised to see Mingxiang who tells her that she tricked her into coming here. Her guards immediately goes to grab hold of Yunxi who tries to struggle free. Meanwhile, Jing’er is smiling at the thought of LFY with Yunxi, but is surprised to find out that LFY is in fact in his palace! She tells LFY everything who realises that Yunxi has fallen into a trap.

Back to Yunxi, she is tied to a pole while Mingxiang tries bullies her verbally. But Yunxi does not back down, angering Mingxiang even further as she slaps her. But then Mingxiang reveals how between LFY and Yunxi, only one can live. She explains how her blood which was passed down by the poison master can save LFY and cure him. And so, Yunxi realised the reason why Mingxiang killed her father. Then, the Emperor’s eunuch arrives after eavesdropping on their conversation. He makes a decision to make sure Yunxi is dead so that LFY won’t have a chance to be saved. But Mingxiang opposes his decision since she wants LFY to stay alive, and needs Yunxi’s blood to do so. And so, the eunuch’s soldiers makes a move to stab Yunxi but Mingxiang stands in their way and takes the blow.

Soon, LFY with Xifeng and his men arrive at the scene. LFY goes to save Yunxi and they escape with Mingxiang while his men fight against the eunuch. When Gu Beiyue checks on Mingxiang’s health, he shakes his head to signal that her end is soon. Mingxiang’s father, General Baili, arrives just as she takes her last breath. Yunxi and LFY leave the father-daughter alone. Yunxi consoles LFY who is visibly upset over Mingxiang’s death. She then goes to tend to his wound which he had gotten while saving her from the eunuch.

The next day, Yunxi finds her awake on LFY’s bed to which he moved her to so that she can be comfortable. Yunxi faces him and asks him “Do you really don’t want me anymore?” Seeing that he does not face her nor answer her question, she makes a move to leave. But then he stops her and confesses how he never wanted to be without her but was just afraid. And so, they promise to be with each other forever.Screen Shot 2018-08-23 at 8.57.42 pm.png

Next, we see LFY covering Yunxi’s eyes as he leads her to a place to surprise her. He built her her own pill valley which was similar to Qishao’s before it burnt down. She is ecstatic as she is free to do anything and grow whatever she likes, “If you are happy, I’m happy.”

Meanwhile, Jing’er leaves the palace to head back to her father’s place to marry. When Tang Li hears of this, he becomes depressed. He then rushes to interrupt their marriage ceremony and tells Jing’er’s father that she can’t marry another man. He faces Jing’er to try to persuade her to not go through with the marriage and confesses his love for her. Hearing this, Jing’er shed tears as Tang Li begs her. Soon, both Jing’er and Tang Li hold their own marriage ceremony and have a steamy night together to consummate their marriage.

Ep 44
Gu Beiyue arrives and Yunxi asks him seriously about what Mingxiang told her about her blood to save LFY. Seeing that he is not answering her, she has her answer. Qishao then arrives in the room after Yunxi leaves after eavesdropping on their conversation. Qishao faces Gu Beiyue and tells him that he should’ve lied to her because now Yunxi will definitely sacrifice her life for LFY.

Meanwhile, the eunuch reports his unsuccessful mission to kill Yunxi to the Emperor. The Emperor is disappointed as he knows that it will be harder next time they try to kill Yunxi. Concubine Qin arrives to put in her two cents to reveal the deep relationship between Yunxi and LFY. She tells him this to let him know that Yunxi will definitely sacrifice herself for LFY and that they must act before its too late.

Later, LFY talks to Yunxi about their future and how he plans to abdicate his throne to Tang Li so that they can have a normal life. Yunxi also tells him her plan about her medicine valley and points out which plants and flowers she wants to plant. Screen Shot 2018-08-23 at 9.20.41 pm.png

Later when she’s alone, Yunxi makes a bucket list of what she wants to do before she dies. While she writes out her list, tears start coming out from her eyes as she knows that she won’t be able to live longer. Both LFY and Yunxi continue to spend time together and she asks him whether he will miss her if she goes missing one day. He replies that he will scour the earth to find her. Then she asks how about if he likes other girls. He replies that even if they’re beautiful, he only has her in his heart. Yunxi then takes the initiative to kiss him before running inside the house. Seems like she is resolute in making the last time they will be sweet together as she plans to make him hate her in the next few days.

Meanwhile, Concubine Qin is visited by a lady envoy from Xiqiu, her maiden country. She finds out that the the people the lady envoy is working with has long taken control over her younger brother, the Crown Prince of Xiqiu. With her younger brother as bait, Concubine Qin has no choice but to follow their lead and poison the Emperor, despite falling in love with him. And so, Concubine Qin adds the poison to the soup she will give to the Emperor.

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