[Recaps] 芸汐传 Legend of Yun Xi: Ep 41-42

Ep 41
Concubine Qin visits the Emperor who is still in sorrow after the loss of his Crown Prince. She tells him to let her visit Mingxiang, saying that she can help persuade her to work with them against LFY. And so, she visits Mingxiang and purposely makes her jealous by talking about Yunxi being with LFY and Mingxiang having no chance with him. Mingxiang falls into her trap as jealousy engulfs her and she later vows to kill both of them.

Meanwhile, Jing’er become jealous of Tang Li as she misunderstands him arranging a marriage with another woman behind her back. She throws a tantrum and even splashes water at the woman’s face. Tang Li becomes angry and tells her to leave, shocking her since she’s his fiancee. But she leaves in anger since it seems he doesn’t care about her anymore. LFY’s subordinate chases after her to try to clear up the misunderstanding, saying that Tang Li is not interested in that woman but is only trying to please her father since he’s an important official. Jing’er is stubborn and doesn’t want to reason with him, “He’s not even chasing after me”. But after she says that, we see Tang Li running towards her in the background with a worried face. He clears up the misunderstanding as soon as LFY’s subordinate leaves and their relationship is back to good.

Later, Qishao finally acquires the Jue Zhong herb with Yuze’s help and is heating it up before using it as medicine.

Then, we see Yunxi getting the poison beast’s blood to help her make a cure for Mingxiang’s beauty’s blood poison. Gu Beiyue arrives to tell her to take care of herself and rest since she hasn’t done so for a few days already. She gives him the completed cure for Mingxiang’s poison, “I stayed up all night to make this”, once she hears that he is going to the palace.

Gu Beiyue arrives at the palace to find LFY staring longingly at the pouch Yunxi made for him. He gives LFY the prescribed medicine as well as Yunxi’s medicine for Mingxiang.

Meanwhile, Mingxiang is visited by Concubine Qin again who is happy to find out that Mingxiang is full of hate. Mingxiang talks about her hate and unhappiness because of Yunxi and how she needs to kill her in order to release her hatred. But Concubine Qin tells her that this is not a good enough reason for the Emperor to let Mingxiang go. And so, Mingxiang exchanges LFY’s secret for her freedom. And so, the Emperor is informed about Yunxi’s paternal lineage and how Mingxiang personally killed Yunxi’s father. The Emperor is ecstatic at the news since LFY will not be cured and will die soon.

The Emperor concocts a plan to help Mingxiang escape “secretly” as he secretly uses his guards to pose as LFY’s soldiers (after they killed them) to gain Mingxiang’s trust and lead them close to LFY.

Soon, Qishao arrives to see Yunxi who still gives him a cold shoulder. He tries to get back her trust while waiting for Gu Beiyue but Yunxi doesn’t budge.

Meanwhile, Mingxiang arrives at LFY’s palace and Gu Beiyue escorts her inside. She uses her blood to make medicine for LFY in which Gu Beiyue gives it to LFY without revealing the source.

Ep 42
Tang Li hears about Qishao’s reappearance and that he is with Yunxi. He quickly runs to see them and complains how LFY is ill yet Yunxi still has the audacity to flirt with other men. Qishao and Tang Li fight while the Emperor’s eunuch watches the scene from behind. Yunxi tells Tang Li off, “LFY doesn’t have a connection with me anymore!”. Tang Li becomes unreasonable and then reveals LFY’s inner feelings and how LFY let her continually misunderstand that he’s her father’s murderer to make her feel better (don’t see how though lol). Yunxi is shocked at his revelation and Tang Li soon realises his mistake. But it is too late. And so, Tang Li has no choice but to reveal that it was Mingxiang who killed her father.

Meanwhile, the Emperor’s eunuch is ordering his men to capture Yunxi alive, “Once we have her, we can control LFY”. And while Yunxi rushes to go out to find LFY, the men make their move to capture her. Tang Li tells Qishao to take Yunxi away while he fights the men. But those men are strong and managed to kill Tang Li’s men and injure him. Tang Li quickly retreats and those men chase after Yunxi. Tang Li rushes to tell LFY about what happened, “Yunxi is in trouble!”.

LFY and his subordinate goes out to look for Yunxi. They search every house in the area Yunxi was last seen in. LFY goes to one of the house and finds Yunxi and Qishao together tending to their wounds. After seeing that she’s fine, he leaves and tells his men that they are alright. However, Yunxi runs out of the room to clear up any misunderstanding, but he answers her coldly. He instructs his subordinate to take them back to the palace. But Yunxi later tells the subordinate that they are to return to Gu Beiyue’s house instead. She then kicks out the subordinate who informs LFY of her current whereabouts.

Later, Yunxi goes to see Qishao to thank him for saving her with his life on the line. They talk and she tells him that she forgives him for keeping his identity a secret, “Let the past be the past”. They continue to talk and Qishao confesses his love for her again. Yunxi straightforwardly tells him “My heart is small…small enough to fit one person” and that it will be unfair to him if she is only with him just because she can’t be with LFY. Qishao doesn’t force her and tells her that if he meets a girl he likes who likes him back one day, he will forget about her. In response, Yunxi tells him that that will happen one day.

Meanwhile, Mingxiang meets up with the Emperor’s Eunuch and bluntly throws the lies they fed her at him. He doesn’t hide anything since she knows everything. He tells her how he had planned to capture Yunxi and deliver her alive to Mingxiang. However, since they failed, the security around Yunxi has tightened considerable as he rubs LFY’s love for Yunxi in front of her face. He claims that only Mingxiang can help them lure Yunxi out.

Later, Xifeng (LFY’s subordinate) is in a pickle as he needs to report to LFY about Yunxi everyday but he doesn’t want to at the same time. He asks for advice from LFY’s nanny who has been sent to look after Yunxi, who tells him to report it as it is and make LFY jealous. He later asks Jing’er for advice and she tells him the same thing, “If you can’t say it, write it, if you can’t write it, then draw it!”. And so, we see that a drawing has arrived on LFY’s desk. LFY looks at the detailed drawing of Yunxi’s close relationship to Qishao and shows a frustrated expression.

Next, we see Qishao and Yunxi exercising together to help him recover faster from his wound. LFY soon arrive to find them having a friendly banter. She dismisses Qishao who leaves them alone. They talk at a distance and she uses this opportunity to ask him “Why did you lie to me?” (her father’s situation). She corners him but he remains cold. She is frustrated at his nonchalant attitude and tells him that since he doesn’t care about her, he should leave her alone.

LFY returns to the palace and is emotionally down. Tang Li is with him and hates seeing him like this, hurting both himself and Yunxi. LFY tells Tang Li that it won’t do any good for Yunxi to be with him.

Meanwhile, Yunxi receives a message to meet at a temple. We know this is from Mingxiang but Jing’er believes that it is the “surprise” Tang Li and LFY might be planning. She urges Yunxi to leave secretly. When Yunxi arrives at the temple alone, she calls out LFY’s name but is faced with Mingxiang and her guards instead.

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