[Recaps] 芸汐传 Legend of Yun Xi: Ep 35-36

Ep 35
LFY still receives daily updates about Yunxi from his subordinate. He also tells his subordinate that the reason why he’s pushing her away is that he thinks it will be better for her since he believes that he can’t give her happiness for the rest of her life. Meanwhile, Yunxi is a bit touched at how her father is caring for her and it seems that their relationship is getting better. After tucking her to bed, her father then secretly releases a bird, “In order to secure your happiness, dad is willing to sacrifice anything”.

Meanwhile, Mingxiang orders her men to gather everyone to go and capture the poisoned master. On the other hand, LFY and the Crown Prince are making their own arrangements to get the Crown Prince of Northern Li who was captured by the 2nd Prince.

However, the Crown Prince gets to the Northern Li’s Crown Prince first. Northern Li’s Crown Prince agrees to work with him as long as he is able to go back to Northern Li. But the Crown Prince becomes overbearing and kills one of his men. Even when told that Concubine Qin was the one who poisoned him, the Crown Prince does not believe him since he believes she was his saviour. And so he orders his men to kill them but they are instead killed by the masked Tang Li and LFY’s men. The masked men bring the Crown Prince of Northern Li to a small cottage whereby Tang Li reveals himself and says that he is here on behalf of LFY to help the Crown Prince return back to Northern Li. Hearing this, the Crown Prince of Northern Li lets down his guard but is confused about why LFY will want to save him. Tang Li leaves but is secretly eavesdropping on their conversation. He learns about Qishao’s identity as the 2nd Prince of Northern Li.

Meanwhile, the little bird the poisoned master released is sent to Gu Beiyue. Gu Beiyue quickly goes to follow the the bird to meet with the master. The master tells Gu Beiyue that he only requests him to look after his daughter, Yunxi, once he’s gone. He also tells him that the antidote to LFY’s poisoned state is his blood is the only antidote for poisoned people. While he is saying this, Mingxiang is secretly eavesdropping on their conversation and we can see her eyes turning into slits. She also learns of his plan to meet with LFY tomorrow at Xuanyuan Temple. Hearing this, Mingxiang plans to kill Yunxi since she’s his daughter and will have his blood flowing through her heart.

Later, Tang Li tells LFY what he has heard after sending the Crown Prince of Northern Li off. This news surprises everyone and LFY realises that Qishao’s reason for being close to Yunxi is to receive news from their side. LFY then decides to quickly go to the Pill Valley to get Yunxi. Meanwhile, Yunxi is with her father who tells her about something, leading her to take a wild goose chase. Back to LFY, Gu Beiyue arrives just as he was making preparations to leave to give him the poisoned master’s letter, “The antidote for the poisoned man is completed.”. After reading the letter and noting the meeting time and place, he informs Gu Beiyue about Qishao’s identity to ask her to keep her safe.

Qishao passes by Yunxi who is on her way to pick up the medicine at the location her father told her. Qishao tells her that the medicine is not there, confusing Yunxi. She runs back to the residence to find her father gone. She then notices a letter on the desk addressed to her which was penned by her father telling her that he has gone to see LFY and hopes to repay his debts in full. After reading the letter, Yunxi runs out of the valley in hopes to find her father. Qishao chases after her, “Why are you crying?”, and reads the letter. Then, the Crown Prince of Northern Li is led to them by Qishao’s maid who tells Qishao that she is doing this for him. The Crown Prince’s guards surrounds them as Qishao tries to protect Yunxi. Yunxi is confused about why they are here and the Crown Prince playfully reveals that Qishao is a spy from Northern Li, the 2nd Prince. He reveals how Qishao has been using her to gather news and information about LFY. Yunxi does not believe him and confronts Qishao about it, “I believe you”. After hearing that Qishao lost track of the poisoned master’s whereabouts, the Crown Prince says how he wants to use Yunxi in order to get the poisoned master and LFY. The Crown Prince sprays powder on them which makes them lose consciousness, making it easier for him to capture them.

On their way back to Northern Li, LFY’s subordinate as well as Tang Li, Gu Beiyue and Jing’er spot the Crown Prince escorting a two big cases. Finding this suspicious, they decide to follow them and confront them. They open one of the case to find the unconscious Yunxi inside and Gu Beiyue quickly wakes her up before taking her away from the scene.

Meanwhile, the poisoned master is waiting for LFY to arrive but instead, Mingxiang goes inside the room. She tells him that she has been cultivating the beauty blood for LFY and asks whether her blood can heal him. The poisoned master frankly tells her that it is not the antidote for poisoned LFY. She becomes upset after hearing this since she suffered for so many years, taking in poisons in hopes to cultivate an antidote for LFY.

Ep 36
Just as the poisoned master was about to personally tell her the antidote that will save LFY, he stops himself. But then, Mingxiang stabs him and was about to stab him the second time when LFY arrives to push her off, “Why did you kill him?” Mingxiang defends herself saying that she did it for him since he has suffered so much because of the poisoned master. But he tells her that it is none of her business since this is between Yunxi and him. After sending Mingxiang away in anger, he checks on the poisoned master’s pulse to find him dead. At this time, Yunxi arrives with Gu Beiyue to find LFY over her father’s dead body. She misunderstands that LFY killed him and he doesn’t say anything but stays still.

Later, Yunxi and Gu Beiyue bury her father’s body and hold a small funeral for him. Meanwhile, Mingxiang is having nightmares over killing Yunxi’s father and drinks alcohol to take away those images. Jing’er and Tang Li walks by and goes to her. Mingxiang reveals how she killed the poisoned master and is in shock that she killed someone.

Later, Qishao is saved by Yuze, who was saved by the poisoned master before he left. He tells her that he go to Northern Li to retrieve his mother’s ashes before coming back. Yuze tells him that she was saved by an old man and from hearing this, he realises that it was the poisoned master who gave her the antidote. Next, the Crown Prince of Northern Li takes Qishao to see his Pill Valley being burned to ashes. Seeing this, Qishao is angry but can’t do anything since the soldiers have their swords at his throat.

Jing’er and Tang Li greet LFY who just arrived back to the manor. Tang Li tells LFY that Mingxiang revealed that she killed the poisoned master and that LFY doesn’t have to lie that he did it, “Do you want Yunxi to blame you?”. But LFY is adamant in saving Mingxiang from her crimes since she has suffered a lot because of him. The next day, they all hold a meeting and LFY tells them that their aim is to see if they can have Qishao help them to destroy the alliance between Xi Qiu and Northern Li.

Gu Beiyue goes to see LFY to inform him about how Yunxi is still researching for the antidote to cure poisoned people. LFY tells him that she doesn’t need to do it and gives him a scroll to pass along to Yunxi. However, Gu Beiyue doesn’t wish to give it to Yunxi since he knows that they both love each other and doesn’t want to see her get hurt.

Next, we see Mingxiang escaping from her father who had come to bring her back to their homeland. Even though they are in the middle of their journey, she escapes but runs into bandits. These bandits are vile and don’t care for her connections. Luckily she gets saved despite her saviour being the Head Eunuch of the Imperial Family. He brings her with him to the capital. The Head Eunuch then reports back to the Emperor and tells him how she was alone and on her way back to see LFY but he got her to stay at his old house. The Emperor tells him to keep this matter a secret to everyone. Soon, a servant arrives to inform the Emperor of a dangerous plague that has affected hundreds of people, leaving death in its wake.

Later, we see Qishao still being forcefully held by the Crown Prince of Northern Li’s men. The Crown Prince is taking a rest and drinking the water from the town whereby the Emperor was just informed had been affected by the plague. When the Crown Prince was drinking the water, Qishao notices that there is something wrong and when he sees the citizens passed out on the floor, he knows that there is something going on.

Back in court, the ministers plead with the Emperor to solve this matter. The Emperor asks for any volunteers to go to Nanjiang to provide disaster relief. LFY volunteers himself. And so, the Emperor agrees after making half-hearted comments about his past abilities and that he will arrange for General Mu and doctors to accompany him on this journey.

Afterwards, LFY returns to his manor to inform his people about what happened. He tells them that he has volunteered to go since his main source of strength, Sun Muchu, is at Nanjiang. Tang Li and LFY’s ministers try to advise him against it but he tells them that he must do it in order to save the world from the Emperor’s rule.

But Tang Li still does not want LFY to go and soon, goes to see Yunxi to tell her about it. Seeing Tang Li in Gu Beiyue’s residence made her excited about LFY’s appearance. But Tang Li tells her that only he came and that LFY is going to Nanjiang, “I am worried that he will be in danger”. Knowing what he came here for, Yunxi agrees to help since she will be able to protect LFY from contracting the plague once he’s there. But Gu Beiyue refuses to let her go since her medical skills are lacking and that there is no point in her being there.

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  1. I love your blog, it has saved me a lot of anxiety in this movie.
    I hate anxieties caused by movies but this has helped assuage a lot of them.
    Keep it up.

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